Why do we write????

We write because we love to. Writing is our passion. However, it is more than that. It is a love of living and wanting to share it with everyone. We write about the things that have become important in our memories and life experiences. It is a way of continuing those experiences that are so important to us. It is also a way of sharing with loved ones that we haven’t forgotten and letting them know how important the were in our life.

We write as a way of continuing to go on living and enjoy life and the potential that is there for us. It is not about money as authors are starving authors. However, the journey is richer than anyone can imagine.

Writing touches the heart of those writing and those reading. Emotions of the human being is the strongest of all reactions that one can hope for.

It is so important to have a person walk through the story with you and feel like they are there. It presents a mystery, adventure and romance all at one time. It tells them that the author is real with human feelings and emotions.

Writing is meant to touch the heart, mind, and soul.

It doesn’t matter what genre you are writing it has to reach the reader and leave an impression with the author.

Once an author feels the passion for writing it is like a love affair. You simply can’t get enough and you have to keep writing.

Writing is your story through your life no matter what genre you do because it shows your start, middle and ending.

It isn’t important how many books you write or the size of the book. It is important that your feelings are felt.

Everyone has a story to tell and none are the same. Let your words flow as if you were talking to your best friend. Some will be humorous and some will be serious but all should be from the heart.

So as you go on with your writing enjoy the journey. Love it, live it, feel it, and know the passion.

I need to get back to my book so that is all for today. Love you all and take care.

Change in Seasons

For everything there is a purpose. For every time there is a season under heaven.

It has become apparent that the seasons in my life are changing. I still keep on doing what I am capable of doing but it gets harder and harder. After watching my son become so terribly ill I realized that it is more important for him to be healthy than me. I can live with my health issues as long as my children who are grown men are okay.

They talk all the time about keeping people living longer but the one thing they never talk about is quality of life and how to keep them youthful. It doesn’t do any good to live to be one hundred if you can’t enjoy life because of failing health.

They talk about senior citizens working until they are seventy-two or older and yet no one will hire them. So how can they feel like they are still a productive part of society?

My physician said I would be okay as long as I did everything in moderation.

I believe that applies to living life and enjoy each moment all so. Children often forget that their parents get tired and need naps as they get older.

Let the season be lived according to the person and their needs.
Let life be enjoyed according to ones ability to do so.
Let those who are capable work up until they make the choice not to work any longer.
Let life be a natural course following the seasons of life. As I look out the window today I see a grey sky with a strong breeze and chance of rain. I will accept what needs to happen although I am much happier with sunshine.

However, I overdid yesterday so today will be a day to do some laundry and take some naps and let my body catch up with itself.

Next week the weather is suppose to be in the 90’s pushing 100. I know there will be sun and I will prepare myself for that heat.

I have enjoyed the spring and summer of my life am finishing the fall and entering the winter of my life but I will take it one step at a time and enjoy what I am capable of.

In the meantime I will write and try to finish up what I have started.

My book “Me and My Dogs” is finished I just have to do the layout.I am currently working on “A Heart Broken, A Twist of Love” Then if I am fortunate enough I will being Try Walking in My Shoes. However, in the meantime I will finish the children’s stories and two more poetry books while I have the opportunity to do so.

I will enjoy what book signings I can go to and the new friends I meet online. I will jump with glee when royalty checks come in no matter what size they are because it is a reminder to me that I accomplished something.

I will leave a legacy of books to my sons and they will remember that in my old years I didn’t give up and sit in front of the television all day.

I will reminisce about a good life and the love of family and friends.

I will enjoy nature and all of its beauty.

I will laugh and cry at some of the movies I do watch.

I will enjoy my cats and their silly antics. I will have peace regardless of what season I am in as I have found peace within myself.

I will celebrate when there is something to celebrate and I will have patience when needed.

My life after all has come full circle and I can’t ask for anything more than that.

It will be a circle unbroken because of hard work, family, and love.

When the sun glimmers through the trees teasing me I will know that I am being looked out for and enjoy the moment as it is right now. When the sun passes I know it will be shining down on someone else somewhere in the world and I will be happy for them.

I will not become agitated by political problems and arguments over religion as I know what I have and appreciate it.

My wisdom has grown daily since I retired as I have had time to reflect on the past, present and future. I can now look at life in perspective and pray for the best.

I have taken control of my own destiny and will live by my beliefs and standards not someone elses. I am who I am and I have learned the purpose of the seasons under heave.

May all of you find your peace, your tranquil place to be and enjoy life before it passes you buy. For there is a time to enjoy each season under Heaven.

Father’s Day

I have been gone for a long time and I do apologize for that. My life has consumed my time. I’ve had little time for writing even. Although I am about to finish “Me and My Dogs” and hopefully it will be out by the first of July.

I had to be here though to talk about Father’s Day! How many of you have seen that commercial of what makes a good father with the actors from the modern day sitcom of Family Memories? Not sure of the exact title. He never gets an answer to the question.

Well I am going to talk about my father first.

My dad was a man of few words but he had a big heart. You always knew you could talk to him and that you were loved even when you were in trouble. He loved fishing more than life itself and he walked every river in Montana. He could fly fish when I couldn’t but he would still try to tolerate my mistakes until I made too many and then it was back to the old reel and rod which i preferred. When I got older he taught me how to drive and was very patient with me. He taught so that I could handle anything. He even let me work on the car with him side by side and no he wasn’t a mechanic.

My father didn’t believe in paying someone to do something you could do yourself. He gave me very strong values throughout my life.

He was a union leader even when he didn’t want to be because the men respected him and knew he could mediate fairly for them. He was known and respected by everyone in town.

He always believed in an honest days work for an honest days dollar and he taught us to work at an early age helping with yard work and what we could do around the house.

He would help anyone in need and he passed that on to us. I can remember him stopping on the highway to help a motorest in distress, which of course you wouldn’t do today.

He was always helping someone in the neighborhood fix their bike when they didn’t have anyone to help them.

When I had children of my own he set a perfect role model for my son’s of what a real man should be. He took them fishing, had them work with him and scolded them when they were in trouble.

My boys loved their grandfather and I am so thankful that they grew up knowing him. He was one of a kind. They truly did break the mold when they made him.

I have never met a man since that could fill his shoes. He always said,”Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

He was taken way to soon from this earth and I miss him so much. He was my dad, my best friend, my guider, and someone I trusted. Loosing him changed my entire life forever. Dad may you walk with the saints in Heaven. You truly were the best father ever and the boys and I love you so much.

I want you to know which I am sure you already do but it is important for me to say it, your grandsons learned the value of a man from you. Thank you for that. You gave my sons the greatest present a man could ever give.


My oldest son was extremely ill and ended up in the hospital after four emergency trips, a CAT scan and two MRI’s, a chest and stomache x-ray. Ten days of exhaustion got the better of me and I was scared when they said he had a lesion pressing on the nerve entering his brain. He still has a lot of doctoring to do and my worries aren’t over. While he was in the hospital I called his father whom I never speak to and the boys rarely speak to.

When he realized how serious it was he came (without his wife) with his stepdaughter. He happened to be here when they released my son from the hospital. They got to spend a day together before he had to return back.

He did more in that one trip than he has done in twenty eight years as both the boys realized he cared enough to come. Children have to see and feel the love it can’t remain hidden in your heart.

My son has a daughter of his own that he has never seen. My prayer for him is that she reaches out to him and finds him before it is too late. We love her wherever she is and would love to have her in our family.

You only get one chance to do it right as a parent so even though you will make mistakes you’d better get it right the first time around.

For all you dad’s out their Happy Father’s Day and remember what your father’s meant to you.


I will try to be better about blogging and get back into the habit. My health has been failing and I just had a scare with renal failure but am doing much better now. I want to enjoy my readers and all of the new friends I have made. Happy weekend to everyone

February 24, 2014

Wow! I’ve been away for a long time and so much has happened.

July I went to my high school reunion in Montana. Had a book signing . Visited with friends and family and had a wonderful time. It was hard to return home.

August I was caught up in a whirlwind of book signings with other local authors and trying to get back to writing.
This continued through the month of December. Holidays interfered with the writing but I did signings that I have never done that late in the year.

January came and I thought things would settle down but they have only picked up. I am having trouble finding time to write. I need to get back to my writing.

I did manage to publish “The Cat in The Box,” and “You Think You Want to be a Writer.”

This week on February 27th,I will be doing a presentation at the local Burley junior high on their Parent/Family Reading night. March 1st I will be doing a Book Signing on “You Think You Want to be a Writer, ” at the Book Plaza in Burley, Idaho.

March I start teach a course for the college on “You Think You Want to be a Writer.” It’s a five-day enrichment class.

I am trying to write “Me and My Dogs,” and one of my book customers I found out is going to school to become a professional editor and needed a book to edit for one of her classes so she is working on it for me. Hurray. The Lord has blessed me with great people in my life.

My life seems to be going around in circles but all is good. Several friends have passed away and yet through all of it we keep on going.

The weather here is great but I am sure will get hot shortly.

Today I am going to spend time on “Me and My Dogs.”

Now all I need to do is find someone who will illustrate my books and I will be in great shape.

I also found some who will edit my books to earn a book free and she did “You Think You Want to be a Writer.”

Books continue to sell and royalties continue to come in so I never know what is going to happen.

I am happy with the choices that I have made and now I will do my best to get up to date on my blog.

In the meantime you can find all my books on Amazon.com

June 6th

Hello everyone. Today I am going to share a repost from my dear friend at canipoflife. I’m sorry her pictures didn’t copy. However, as I read through these it was so important to my day and the kind of week I’ve been having that I wanted to make sure to share her beautiful sentiments. We travel through a journey of life not knowing what lays ahead of us. We all hope for love, everlasting commitment, and friendship. However, some find it and others don’t. Reading hear Philosophies of Life adds meaning to it all. I hope you enjoy and I am going to leave you with it to ponder over if for the day. So until next time :)

Philosophy of Life
by catnipoflife

Flower1We never get what we want,
We never want what we get,
We never have what we like,
We never like what we have.
And still we live & love.

That’s life…

Flower2The best kind of friends
are the kind you can sit with on a porch swing,
Never say a word,
And walk away feeling like it was
the best conversation you’ve ever had.
It’s true that we don’t know
What we’ve got until it’s gone,
But it’s also true that we don’t know
What we’ve been missing until it arrives.
Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they’ll love you back!
Don’t expect love in return;
Just wait for it to grow in their heart,
But if it doesn’t, be content it grew in yours.
It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
An hour to like someone,
And a day to love someone,
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Don’t go for looks; they can deceive.
Don’t go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes you smile,
Because it takes only a smile to
Make a dark day seem bright.
Find the one that makes your heart smile!
Always put yourself in others’ shoes.
If you feel that it hurts you,
It probably hurts the other person, too.
The happiest of people
Don’t necessarily have the best of everything;
They just make the most of everything that comes along their way.
Happiness exists for
Those who cry,
Those who hurt,
Those who have searched,
And those who have tried,
For only they can appreciate the importance of people
Who have touched their lives.
When you were born, you were crying
And everyone around you was smiling.
Live your life so that when you die,
You’re the one who is smiling
And everyone around you is crying.
Please share/reblog this message
For those people who mean something to you,
To those who have touched your life in one way or another,
To those who make you smile when you really need it,
To those that make you see the brighter side of things when you are really down,
To those who you want to know that you appreciate their friendship.
And if you don’t, don’t worry,
Nothing bad will happen to you,
You will just miss out on the opportunity
to brighten someone’s life with this message…

The true blessings of life are free. Savor. Share. Smile.

June 4th

Hello everyone. I hope you are all find it a nice sunny day like I am.
Yesterday wasn’t the best day for me so I ended up sleeping it away. I am glad to be back on track now.

I would like to wish my ex-husband a Happy Birthday. My sons never understand why I think about him and they feel that it is unhealthy. However we were together for over twenty years . We were high school sweethearts, college sweethearts married for fifteen years and had two children together. No I don’t know what went wrong and I never will but the one thing I do know is he blessed me with wonderful children and I do remember the good more than the bad.

I am mentioning this on my blog today because too often we get wrapped up in hatred and not forgiving those who have touched our lives.

Although I don’t speak to my ex-husband and he is remarried and has little contact with his sons. I don’t wish him any will ill. He is now 64 and I remember him in his youth when he was a kind, fun person to be around.

My point is we affect everyone we come into contact with whether it is one day, one year or one lifetime. We need to remember the good impact and move on our own journey in life.

I encourage my sons to call him on his birthday but in the end that is their choice for they had their own relationship with him. I have nothing to do with that anymore.

However, every year when this day rolls around I can’t help remember it’s his birthday. I hope he has a wonderful healthy day.

Through anger, heartache, and love I’ve come to understand whatever went wrong caused a love hate relationship.

One cannot live that way. The majority of the time I remember him with love but there are moments that the hatred surfaces and I have to put it back to rest. However, those days have grown few and far between now that I have become comfortable in my own life.

One should not marry until they find themselves for the chance of a happy journey is rare until you know who you are and what you want.

I will always love my ex-husband but it wasn’t meant to be. I will wish him the best today and go on with my day as usual. For I have found myself and I am finally happy. At least as happy as any person can be.

So to anyone out there who has a birthday today congratulations. Live life to the fullest and be happy. Have a piece of cake and ice cream for me.

This is a day that I will always remember as a celebration of life for without this day I would not have two wonderful sons. Thank you for that.

May 31st

Hello everyone. It is a nice sunny day. However, I’d like to know where the month of May went.

My sister was able to get the flowers put on the cemetery early and what a blessing that was since they had a horrible snowstorm around a week of rain.

Now the grass has turned green and things are looking better.

Here we are at a time when schools are ending, and graduations are happening. Graduates are getting ready to begin that new journey of their life so let’s pray for their safety.

Now temperatures are climbing and families are thinking about summer activities, planting gardens, fishing, camping, and planning vacations.

Some people will be moving over the summer and starting new adventures in their lives.

However, there are those whose lives change very little and that is the disabled.

Now I want to address the disabled because I am seeing so many ads on how easy it is to get disability once you reach fifty-five years of age.

I am here to tell you that is not true. There are some rules that have changed however you can still planning on being refused at a minimum of three or more times.

There are some simple guidelines one should follow

1. Apply as soon as you can no longer physically work
2. Upon first rejection hire an attorney who works only with disabilities and social security.
3. Make sure you have lots of medical documentation and a doctor that understands how to fill out the paper work.
4. Write your congressman before you lose your home, car and personal belongings.
5. Don’t expect everyone to do the work for you.
6. Fight for what you deserve
7. Make sure you have worked with Vocational Rehabilitation or it’s an automatic rejection
8. Don’t give up because that’s what they want
9. Plan! Plan! Plan!
10. Find someone to help you if you don’t know what to do.

Don’t apply if you can work because the longer you work the more you put into Social Security and the larger your check will be when you need it.

It is important that we all understand the importance of not taking advantage of the system. When we do that we drain the account so that it isn’t there later on.

Take pride in working and work as long as you can. However, when you no longer physically can work take the steps that are required to assure yourself of an adequate living.

Cut back on extra spending. Learn to live modestly and within your means. If you don’t have the cash don’t purchase something you can’t afford.

Don’t listen to ads that make it sound like everything is free and easy and your ship has come in because they are misleading you.

Respect the disabled and those who need the help. After all their life has been affected the most by being disabled.

Do what you can to keep active and have a positive attitude. Don’t let the world beat you down. Enjoy family, nature, hobbies, and simple entertainment.

Whatever you do I wish you the best and if anyone is having difficulty getting disability let me know and I can guide you through the process. Remember lawyers are in it for the money. I get nothing from it.

So now that I have posted about one of my concerns I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

So until next time :)


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