Glad to see you are here. Good news!

“Growing Up in the Rockies “ is in final production stages. There will be a release date announced soon along with the pricing and how to order it. I will have 42 hard copies and 10 paper back copies  off the press. Then the book signings and marketing will begin. It will be a busy summer. I hope everyone catches me while they can.

I am currently Updating My Blog Site so some links may not work yet. Please be patient with me as I am learning about all of this.


Poetry book “Dreams of Yesterday!” I have 15 original copies in my home. I am going to number them 1-15. They will be the only numbered authographed copies sold. Numbering gives them a special authenticity. If you want a numbered copy don’t wait. When those fifteen are gone I will not number any more. “Dreams of Yesterday” is a limited edition book. It was my first book and once it is taken off the press I am going to give it a new look with new poems and do an ebook and hard copy under a different title.  This is a one time chance. The first fifteen to contact me will get the books. I will be posting later this week my pay pal.  However, you can send me an email or a comment to reserve this book.

Book Pricing is $15.95 + $4.00 shipping any where in the United States. Out of the US international charges apply. If you don’t know what the international rate is go to and check their shipping rates.


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