Independence Day

The fourth of July will soon be upon us. This is a very important time for our country. I hope everyone regardless of background, nationality, economic status, religion, educational background, or citizenship status will take one hour to remember and celebrate why this country is so great.

Growing up my father didn’t like to talk about World War II because there were memories he didn’t want to share with us. Sad, hurtful memories. However, what I do remember is that my father had to fight to get into the army. They turned him down on al east four occasions maybe more. He watched as his friends, and relatives went off to war leaving him at home to feel less of a man. I never knew the exact reason he was turned down but I do know he had flat feet which, are horribly painful at the end of an eight-hour work day. The pain my father would have had in the army would have been three times that because it’s a 24/7 job.

However, FInally my father was accepted into the army and he was proud to serve his country, because freedom means everything. He went off to war and they made him a cook. Now my father was a good cook but cooking army food back then was horrible, you have nothing but dehydrated everything to eat and then everyone is complaining to you about the meals. He learned to use catsup on everything which continued once he returned home. Yes he was one of the lucky ones he made it home. When he wasn’t cooking he had guard duty of the prisoners. He was stationed in France and they would detain prisoners there.

Men are men and they would do anything they could to trade for cigarettes or chocolate, whatever their interest was. My father trade frequently and came home with his treasures, he had several pocket watches, many coins, paper bills, cigarette lighters and memories. Now that sounds like wow he hit the jack pot. Not really he didn’t Ever time he would take them out and look at them he would see a soldiers face. He looked at them frequently and remembered those prisoners he had gotten to know.

Freedom isn’t free it is very costly. It isn’t about money it’s about the lives that are affected, the families, the countries, the life styles. Those memories are carried in their hearts and minds forever.

The one thing my father always taught us to be was proud of the American Flag, our Country, the National Anthem and the privilege to have liberty. It isn’t a right that you have it’s a privilege.

So as we celebrate Independence Day please remember those you have gone off to war or are currently in the military and the price that they pay for us to keep our privilege of liberty.

I hate it when I hear someone say well it was their choice. I want to say would you rather no one chose to do it and give up your freedom. It’s time be bow our head and thank God for everything we have before it’s too late and we lose it all.

Those that came to this country many years ago as immigrants were looking for a better life and they didn’t mind learning English and working hard because they were able to have the American Dream. They built good lives for themselves.

The difference today is everyone thinks it’s owed to them. It’s our fault with all the freebies we’ve handed out. It’s time to stop Health and Welfare and financial assistance let everyone immigrant and citizen alike stand on their own two feet and be proud they did it on their own.

Finally pray with me that everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day. May God Bless you all.


Father’s Day

Sorry I am late on this however, I would like to wish every Father out there a Happy Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a wonderful time to remember the men in our life. I was fortunate and had a wonderful father who was always there for me and I miss him dearly. That is one of the reasons it is difficult every year when Father’s Day rolls around. I still think he should walk through the door any minute and it’s been twenty-six years that he’s been gone but it seems like yesterday. Father’s Day is also difficult because some Father’s never get to see their children. My oldest son is one of those fathers. His daughter was put up for adoption at birth and it has been very difficult for him. She is now twenty years old and he would love to see her. Every year when Father’s Day rolls around I don’t know quite how to deal with this and since he lives with me sometimes it is easier just to treat it like another day. However, both of our hearts are breaking everyday wondering where she is.

I would like to say to all adopted children. You never know the circumstances of why your parents couldn’t keep you. It doesn’t mean you weren’t loved. The truth is parents will never get over giving up a child. It haunts them their entire life. I hope to all adopted children out their that if you want to know who your biological parents are follow your dream. You may have parents who are desperately searching for you.

For the rest of the parents out there remember you only get one chance. There is more to being a father than giving them birth rights. Please be a role model for your child. What you give to your child is what they will live with their entire life. Some parents don’t mean to be dead beats but they are and they have no idea what they have robbed their children of.

I commend all you father’s who spend time with your children . Great Job Dad’s keep up the wonderful experiences.

Flag Day

June fourteenth is Flag Day. I hope everyone will either fly a flag in honor of our country and liberty or at least remember the pride we have in the red, white and blue. The flag is a symbol of the blood that has been shed to give us the right for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The stars represent each state and what it has taken for this country to become what we are to this day. It is up to each and every one of us to keep our country free and to fight for the constitutional rights that our fore fathers gave us. Remember all of those who have died for us so that we could have these freedoms. The freedom of religion, education, job choices, opportunities, the freedom to choose for yourself and so much more. It takes all of us to protect these liberties. Please do your part and thank a soldier from your heart. I have posted a poem for Flag Day under poetry. God Bless each and every one of you. “In God We Trust.”


Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Holiday and every one was safe. Now that June is upon us we can expect many BBQ’s, picnics, fishing, and camping trips and walks through the parks. Hopefully the wind will die down and we will have nice days without extreme heat. Here in Rupert Idaho it has been in the 60’s with winds ranging anywhere from 5mph to 30 mph. Today they are on the low-end and I hope that’s where they stay. I gaze out my window as I write and see the beautiful blue sky and the white billowing clouds. The beautiful green trees are dancing about. I love to look at the lush green color with the rain we have everything turned green very fast. I love this kind of weather.

Updates: No news on my book I think the publishers went on holiday as I haven’t been able to reach anyone. I had hoped to have the price posted this week but it looks like it will be next week. I will be working on my blog site very strongly in the next few days trying to get blogrolls correct and straighten out the mess I made coming into unknown territory.

I will be posting Parenting 101 which will be ongoing. This is per request of some of my author friends. It will be posted in sections and continuous asking for input and questions. Hope you will follow it along. I will add to the disability section as soon as I am satisfied with the set up of my blog site. Thanks for everyone who has visited and left comments . I hope you keep returning.