Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Holiday and every one was safe. Now that June is upon us we can expect many BBQ’s, picnics, fishing, and camping trips and walks through the parks. Hopefully the wind will die down and we will have nice days without extreme heat. Here in Rupert Idaho it has been in the 60’s with winds ranging anywhere from 5mph to 30 mph. Today they are on the low-end and I hope that’s where they stay. I gaze out my window as I write and see the beautiful blue sky and the white billowing clouds. The beautiful green trees are dancing about. I love to look at the lush green color with the rain we have everything turned green very fast. I love this kind of weather.

Updates: No news on my book I think the publishers went on holiday as I haven’t been able to reach anyone. I had hoped to have the price posted this week but it looks like it will be next week. I will be working on my blog site very strongly in the next few days trying to get blogrolls correct and straighten out the mess I made coming into unknown territory.

I will be posting Parenting 101 which will be ongoing. This is per request of some of my author friends. It will be posted in sections and continuous asking for input and questions. Hope you will follow it along. I will add to the disability section as soon as I am satisfied with the set up of my blog site. Thanks for everyone who has visited and left comments . I hope you keep returning.


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  1. Sounds like you are having similar weather to us. 🙂


    • Thanks Eileen. Sunday was beautiful, Monday was miserable windy and rainy. This morning started out rainy and this evening is sunny but cold. Hope it improves. Ready to BBQ and enjoy the summer.

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