Father’s Day

Sorry I am late on this however, I would like to wish every Father out there a Happy Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a wonderful time to remember the men in our life. I was fortunate and had a wonderful father who was always there for me and I miss him dearly. That is one of the reasons it is difficult every year when Father’s Day rolls around. I still think he should walk through the door any minute and it’s been twenty-six years that he’s been gone but it seems like yesterday. Father’s Day is also difficult because some Father’s never get to see their children. My oldest son is one of those fathers. His daughter was put up for adoption at birth and it has been very difficult for him. She is now twenty years old and he would love to see her. Every year when Father’s Day rolls around I don’t know quite how to deal with this and since he lives with me sometimes it is easier just to treat it like another day. However, both of our hearts are breaking everyday wondering where she is.

I would like to say to all adopted children. You never know the circumstances of why your parents couldn’t keep you. It doesn’t mean you weren’t loved. The truth is parents will never get over giving up a child. It haunts them their entire life. I hope to all adopted children out their that if you want to know who your biological parents are follow your dream. You may have parents who are desperately searching for you.

For the rest of the parents out there remember you only get one chance. There is more to being a father than giving them birth rights. Please be a role model for your child. What you give to your child is what they will live with their entire life. Some parents don’t mean to be dead beats but they are and they have no idea what they have robbed their children of.

I commend all you father’s who spend time with your children . Great Job Dad’s keep up the wonderful experiences.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this Janice, my son’s father, my ex, refuses to have anything to do with my son, for reasons unknown. My son is left with the memory of his dad saying the ‘wrong one died’.
    But it is so great to see Ben overcoming this to become such a great dad.
    There are so many reasons the father/son relationship is so fragile, perhaps as many as the mother/ daughter relationship.
    I hope this post allows many to think about their relationships and how they can support others in their journey.

    • Thank you Marilyn for your wonderful comments. I wish you and your son the best in life. Often times children who suffer the lack of a parent relationship become better parents because they want it to be better for their own children. Time doesn’t heal all wounds but it fades the memory. New memories and relationships are built and a happier life develops. Please come visit frequently.

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