Independence Day

The fourth of July will soon be upon us. This is a very important time for our country. I hope everyone regardless of background, nationality, economic status, religion, educational background, or citizenship status will take one hour to remember and celebrate why this country is so great.

Growing up my father didn’t like to talk about World War II because there were memories he didn’t want to share with us. Sad, hurtful memories. However, what I do remember is that my father had to fight to get into the army. They turned him down on al east four occasions maybe more. He watched as his friends, and relatives went off to war leaving him at home to feel less of a man. I never knew the exact reason he was turned down but I do know he had flat feet which, are horribly painful at the end of an eight-hour work day. The pain my father would have had in the army would have been three times that because it’s a 24/7 job.

However, FInally my father was accepted into the army and he was proud to serve his country, because freedom means everything. He went off to war and they made him a cook. Now my father was a good cook but cooking army food back then was horrible, you have nothing but dehydrated everything to eat and then everyone is complaining to you about the meals. He learned to use catsup on everything which continued once he returned home. Yes he was one of the lucky ones he made it home. When he wasn’t cooking he had guard duty of the prisoners. He was stationed in France and they would detain prisoners there.

Men are men and they would do anything they could to trade for cigarettes or chocolate, whatever their interest was. My father trade frequently and came home with his treasures, he had several pocket watches, many coins, paper bills, cigarette lighters and memories. Now that sounds like wow he hit the jack pot. Not really he didn’t Ever time he would take them out and look at them he would see a soldiers face. He looked at them frequently and remembered those prisoners he had gotten to know.

Freedom isn’t free it is very costly. It isn’t about money it’s about the lives that are affected, the families, the countries, the life styles. Those memories are carried in their hearts and minds forever.

The one thing my father always taught us to be was proud of the American Flag, our Country, the National Anthem and the privilege to have liberty. It isn’t a right that you have it’s a privilege.

So as we celebrate Independence Day please remember those you have gone off to war or are currently in the military and the price that they pay for us to keep our privilege of liberty.

I hate it when I hear someone say well it was their choice. I want to say would you rather no one chose to do it and give up your freedom. It’s time be bow our head and thank God for everything we have before it’s too late and we lose it all.

Those that came to this country many years ago as immigrants were looking for a better life and they didn’t mind learning English and working hard because they were able to have the American Dream. They built good lives for themselves.

The difference today is everyone thinks it’s owed to them. It’s our fault with all the freebies we’ve handed out. It’s time to stop Health and Welfare and financial assistance let everyone immigrant and citizen alike stand on their own two feet and be proud they did it on their own.

Finally pray with me that everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day. May God Bless you all.


2 Responses

  1. Your website is very impressive, I read about your father, and I know what you are saying. The Army rejected my father also for flat feet. I believe he felt like your father did, before the Army accepted him and became a cook. Your father sounds like a very wise man and your blessed, for the way he raised you to remember that nothing was free, and that our military has to fight for our freedom. I to hate when people say, “Well, they chose to go in the service.”
    Thank you for being so kind to read my story on my website, I also post recipes every month from a ‘Recipe Book’ that I am writing. I have a lot to learn about writing, my grammar and English is so out of date. I am always searching for an editor for my writing. However, I love writing and I never say, “I can’t.” I believe the Lord guides me and I know that he is with me in everything I do. Janet, I will pray for you and all our military men and women that are in the wars now. It breaks my heart to know they are out there and all they can do is say, “Yes Sir.” God Bless You

    • Welcome carol and thank you for your wonderful comments. Although I am still learning the art of blogging I feel there are some very important words to be said. We are living in a critical time in our history and I think we need to hang on to the beliefs of our forefathers and ancestors if we don’t want to become just another lost nation.

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