Happy July

I hope everyone out there had a safe and wonderful Fourth of July. I spent mine with my family at a BBQ. I watched fireworks from my front window and all was good. The day was warm and I had to retreat inside.

Now that the fourth is over I hope that the importance of Independence Day will stay in your memories and that you will continue to be proud of being an American, and living in the land of the free.

I salute the many men and women who are in the military fighting to keep this country free. Please offer a prayer for them everyday so that they may return to their families to enjoy the freedom that they have worked so hard to protect.

Now as July progresses and families participate in camping, fishing, boating and vacations I hope that they will maintain safety.

The rivers are very high this year and there have already been many boating accidents. This is a year that nature needs to be respected for Mother Nature has the Upper hand.

Enjoy your summer and remain safe.

Hints for the Summer:

Avoid high waters, fast moving rivers and rafting.

Snow is not melted in the Mountains yet and there will be more water.

Avoid camping areas where the fire danger is high as this year forest fires are at an all time high.

Animals are being forced closer and closer to towns because of flooding, and fires.

Beware of these wild animals as they come down from the mountains. Do not approach them. Contact animal control and stay inside.

Be aware of the areas that you are going into and always have a shovel , a bucket, and water with you.

Remember if it doesn’t look right, feel right, or smell right, then chances are it isn’t right get out of the area.

I wish everyone a wonderful summer, stay safe.


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