Hurricane Irene

Now as school is about to start the new year and the last time for a holiday weekend on Labor Day our eastern sea board is being pounded with a Hurricane of enormous strength. This has been a most unusual year between, floods, earthquakes, forest fires, and now hurricanes.

It is a time when everyone needs to pull together as neighbors in the old days did; when they use to get together for a good old-fashioned barn raising. The men would hammer and build all day, the women would prepare food and at the end of the day when a barn was all built-in one day they would feast on pot luck dinners and dance into the wee hours of the morning. What a great way to live.

It is now a time to celebrate life, liberty, family, friends,  and neighbors for that is really all we have in life. Materialistic items don’t matter they can be washed away in an instance. However, the love of others, our life and our liberty we have for eternity.

I hope that as we faces these natural disasters that seem to be increasing around the world that everyone will extend the hand of brotherly love.

“For God So Loved the World that he gave his only begotten son! That who so  believeth in me shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

I think it is time for all of us to recognize that there is a stronger being and that power is in control of our destiny. It is up to us to recognize what we need to do now. Please reach out to one another. Help each other not only be safe, but continue to live safe.

Last night I watched a horrifying show on 20/20 about homeless teenagers. Not runaways but teenagers who had been abandoned by families. It is time as a country we see that our own are protected, are educated, feed, clothed and housed. No child should have to live on the street. When they live this way they have a 50/50 chance. The ones that succeed are the ones that someone reached out to and set the example. We need to pick up the pieces at home and give families hope.

We are living in a very tough economy now and few have experienced this type of depression. Let’s join together as a nation and rebuild to be the greatest nation ever. It is time to reduce the debts, the destruction and the homeless.

Please pray for those in the line of Hurricane Irene and be there to help when it is over. This destruction will last more than a few days. The love in your hearts can save a person and last a life time.

Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. The time has come now for our country to receive its own help.


Birthday Week

Well this past week I had my sixty-first birthday. Just about the time you are beginning to believe you are over the hill and forgotten life has a way of surprising you and reminding you that others truly do care.

I had a wonderful birthday. My sons planned a BBQ with the help of girlfriends and family members. They bought and cooked steaks, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes with all the trimmings. Mandy and her mom saw that there was a pasta salad and a cake actually made from scratch. Mandy picked up mint chocolate chip ice cream my favorite. Miriha(sorry don’t know how it’s spelled) made a cheese cake.  Oh my too much food but all was enjoyed and delicious.

Shawn and Michael out did themselves. When family comes together and help it turns into a wonderful event that is never forgotten. The kids loaded the dishwasher and put everything away so all I had to do was run the dishwasher. Nice not having to do the work for a change. Then the guys went outside for a while and the women sat around the table.

The only game I have is Apples to Apples so I pulled it out and started Mandy and her mom on it as they had never played it before. I looked over my shoulder to see my son Michael sitting at the couch reading my new book “Growing Up in the Rockies.” The gals played around of Apples to Apples laughing our heads off. Michael then joined us to see what was so funny. Shawn was in the middle of a music project he needed to finish working on.  We played a few more games of Apples to Apples laughing and giggling until it was late.

Knowing the kids had to work in the morning we called it a night. Michael told me he liked what he had read. He took the book home with him so he could read the rest of it.

As everyone went their own way that evening and I looked around I said to myself “This is what life is all about.” You take those happy moments when you can get them and lock them in your memory forever. They always have a special place in your heart and they never leave you. So the next time I start feeling like I’m over the hill and life has forgotten me. I am going to pull out the key to my heart and open it up and let the love flow that was given to me on my sixty-first birthday.

I want to thank my wonderful, family and friends for remembering me. You made a hard week turn into a very enjoyable one.

The only thing that went wrong was my computer chair finally broke on my Birthday. I guess I am going to have to think about replacing it as I use it everyday. Oh well, I got my money’s worth out of it.

I hope throughout the year everyone will take time to enjoy their birthdays and to remember those people who may be forgotten. A simple card, or just a happy birthday brightens someones day.

I now can face the coming of fall knowing no matter what my family is here for me. I do not look forward to the end of summer but it couldn’t be a better ending then family, friends, love and the publishing of my new book.

Everything comes full circle eventually. We just have to be patient enough to wait for it to happen and be smart enough to recognize when it does.

May my love be with all of you for months to come.


Hi Everyone;

August is always an emotional month for me. This is the month I was born but with it comes the end of summer and the beginning of fall activities.  I always dread the changes of the seasons. However, each season has its own natural beauty along with its challenges, and dislikes. I have always hated the back to school sales commercials even when I liked going to school. I still hate them even now that I am retired after forty years of teaching. They start advertising too soon and you feel like they are rushing you through what few enjoyable days of summer you have. I have never understood why commercials begin to advertise two to three months ahead of time. You know you have to buy school supplies, and clothes and for many there is only one or two stores to go to so why are they wasting so much money advertising when you will purchase anyway.

This summer has been a very unusual summer across the nation with flooding in many areas, and droughts in others.  Water levels have been high in many of the northern states with rivers, running fast and furious. The snow in the mountains was able to gradually melt however that caused the mountain waters to continue to be freezing cold. Unfortunately this has led to many water accidents and drownings this summer.

The southern states have been hit with horrible heat and droughts causing the opposite effect and dangers for those who need to be outdoors. It is very important for them to drink lots of water, use sun screen and go indoors frequently.

As the summer comes to the last month many people will want to be taking their last camping, fishing, hiking, and boating trips. Families will be going on picnics. Please remember to be cautious as you do these activities. Do not leave young children unattended. Watch mountain cliffs, and don’t wander away from paths. Wear float devices if rafting. When boating the majority of accidents happen when alcohol is involved.  When Fishing from shore don’t step into deep, rushing waters to bring that catch of the day in.  If camping make sure you are familiar with the area and don’t camp in areas that are known for wild life problems, especially bears.  Remember if the weather has been unusual for people this year it has also been just as unusual for the animals and many animals have been forced out of their natural habitat with no place to go except into those areas where humans are now living. Take caution.

Enjoy the remaining season that you are in where ever you are. Thanks to my international readers and remember that my books are sold internationally through

Have a great day everyone. Time for me to go until next time.