Hi Everyone;

August is always an emotional month for me. This is the month I was born but with it comes the end of summer and the beginning of fall activities.  I always dread the changes of the seasons. However, each season has its own natural beauty along with its challenges, and dislikes. I have always hated the back to school sales commercials even when I liked going to school. I still hate them even now that I am retired after forty years of teaching. They start advertising too soon and you feel like they are rushing you through what few enjoyable days of summer you have. I have never understood why commercials begin to advertise two to three months ahead of time. You know you have to buy school supplies, and clothes and for many there is only one or two stores to go to so why are they wasting so much money advertising when you will purchase anyway.

This summer has been a very unusual summer across the nation with flooding in many areas, and droughts in others.  Water levels have been high in many of the northern states with rivers, running fast and furious. The snow in the mountains was able to gradually melt however that caused the mountain waters to continue to be freezing cold. Unfortunately this has led to many water accidents and drownings this summer.

The southern states have been hit with horrible heat and droughts causing the opposite effect and dangers for those who need to be outdoors. It is very important for them to drink lots of water, use sun screen and go indoors frequently.

As the summer comes to the last month many people will want to be taking their last camping, fishing, hiking, and boating trips. Families will be going on picnics. Please remember to be cautious as you do these activities. Do not leave young children unattended. Watch mountain cliffs, and don’t wander away from paths. Wear float devices if rafting. When boating the majority of accidents happen when alcohol is involved.  When Fishing from shore don’t step into deep, rushing waters to bring that catch of the day in.  If camping make sure you are familiar with the area and don’t camp in areas that are known for wild life problems, especially bears.  Remember if the weather has been unusual for people this year it has also been just as unusual for the animals and many animals have been forced out of their natural habitat with no place to go except into those areas where humans are now living. Take caution.

Enjoy the remaining season that you are in where ever you are. Thanks to my international readers and remember that my books are sold internationally through

Have a great day everyone. Time for me to go until next time.



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  1. August is also my birth month – but here we are in the midst of winter. You have a great blog. I have enjoyed popping about and peeking at some of you posts. 🙂

    • Jo Happy Birthday. I don’t know what I would think if my August Birthday was in the midst of winter. However, August is a great month for a birthday. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will come often. I am getting ready to update it.

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