Labor Day

I hope everyone will have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Here is a preview from my book “Growing up in the Rockies!” It was a time when Labor Day was important to the middle class people.

When Labor Day Weekend would roll around it was the end of summer

and the beginning of fall. If you were lucky you might have one last

weekend of summer fun before fall would set in, warning us of the coming

of winter. School usually didn’t start until after Labor Day, allowing for

those last few warm days with family activities and preparation for the

fall season ahead. Labor Day would bring the warning to prepare for the

winter. Soon the snow and the cold would begin to come. When I was

growing up there were times when the snow did come on Labor Day.

When in Montana, the weather can change at the blink of an eye. You

never knew if it would be a few flakes or a blizzard. Because Labor Day

represents the ending of summer, and the beginning of fall, most people

from my hometown area would plan Labor Day Weekend for family fun.

This would usually be the last big family weekend of the summer.

Labor Day was an important holiday because it was a mining town

and a Union town. It represented the holiday when miners took time off

from work to enjoy their family. They took time to be treated with the

respect and pride which they had earned year round on their job. It was a

chance for miners and their bosses to have fun side by side and be equals

together. Only emergency personnel worked on this day, such as your

hospital staff, policeman and fireman.

As you enjoy your weekend. Remember those hard workers who have made it all possible for you to be with your loved ones. God Bless you all.


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