Everyone has a different memory of 9/11. Memories were built by the environment that you were in and how your personal life was affected that day.

This week as we watch many moments being recalled about 9/11 we all have very special thoughts going through our minds.

However, the one I would like to talk about is the children from 9/11. I sat and I watched on Television the interview with Barbara Walters with the children of 9/11.

First my thought was why don’t we leave these families alone to heal? Why do we keep putting them through this?

Next I was impressed by the words that I heard from each child as they talked about their own lives and what it had meant to them.

Then I was thankful when I saw that they had all gone through grief counseling and the families had a long-term chance to heal. Many people never have that opportunity.

Finally I was proud of these young people. I listened to what each one had to say.  They repeated over and over that what they were doing with their own life was to make the parent they had lost proud of them.

We are taught in life that “Children learn what they live!” These children of 9/11 although they went through horrific tragedy; they lived learning that they could be proud of their parents.  In turn they are passing that pride along.

The Children of 9/11 are the symbol of our country. Freedom, Unity, and Perseverance to carry on.

We will never forget 9/11 nor should we. But it is just important to remember that through tragedy comes strength and honor.

In honor of the families of 9/11 I Salute you all for being the example of America’s Best.

Thank you for reminding me of why these interviews are so important.

I have always been proud to say I am an American.

Now I can say I am proud of  our American People who Unite and Carry on.

May God Bless You All!!!


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