Now that Labor Day has passed and students are back to school the coming of fall is in the air. The weather is starting to change and the nights are getting cooler. Soon the leaves will be changing colors and falling to the ground. Animals are scurrying around finding food to store for the winter.

It is a time of happiness and sadness. The summer closes leaving us with happy memories and yet the bare trees and grey skies remind us that every season brings both life and death.

Now we prepare our homes for the winter and start to change our routines. For some they will prepare for outdoor winter activities but for many it will be a long winter inside with little contact to the outside world.

This is season when we should keep in mind our senior citizens and shut ins who may not get out as often. Take time to stop by and say hello or give them a phone call to brighten their day.

Meals will change to warmer food and people will be getting wood ready for their fireplaces before the snow falls.

There will still be some nice days but flu season will be upon us and mother nature will control the weather and activities.

This is a good time to clean out your closets and donate all coats and clothes that no longer fit as there are many people in need.

We are living in a difficult economy and the food banks are having difficult times keeping stocked so go through your cupboards and help with food drives.

If you are among one of the fortunate families that has work you might want to adopt a family for the holidays and see that someone else shares a smile on their face .

There is much we can do to help each other. If you have extra food from your garden find someone less fortunate than you to share with.

This is a year when we should show the country that we will take care of each other. We can’t wait for the government to take care of us. Some steps are important. With the baby steps this country was built. It’s time we go back to those steps and look out for our neighbors.

My neighbor brought me two jars of pickled beets from her storage and she will never know how much I appreciated those two jars. Not only do I love beets but she brought them at a time when the cupboards were bare.

People living next door to you may be in need and you will never know it because we are a proud society. Do something out of kindness. Don’t worry about it they will pass it forward when they can.

I challenge everyone to spend this month passing it forward as often as you can.

Rake someones yard. Help put up storm windows. Do what you can do to help someone who is not able to do it for themselves.

Let’s unify our neighborhoods.

God Bless America and the Freedoms we have.


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