Now that September is almost over, families find themselves busy with activities.

I was fortunate to attend a wonderful conference at the College of Southern Idaho and talk about “WHY I WRITE!” I thoroughly enjoyed meeting wonderful people and sharing thoughts on writing.

Then I had a wonderful experience doing a book Signing at Barnes and Nobles in Twin Falls. Sharing many interesting conversations and meeting many new people including a wonderful lady from my home town.

These are the kinds of activities that we so look forward to participating in.

Now I am ready to get back to writing and marketing my book in the town where I live.

However, there is an activity that has upset me all week. I so want to share about this activity with my readers.

I was watching the news the other evening and they had a broadcast on “Cage Fighting!” This is where young children are encouraged by parents to fight inside a cage in front of an audience. I listened to this commentary and was over come with grief thinking of my own two sons and how they would have reacted to this at the age of nine and ten.

Parents interviewed were saying there is nothing wrong with this and our children love to do it.

However, having been an educator for forty years the one thing that I learned more than anything is that children will do anything for recognition. It doesn’t mean they love to do it. It means they want to be loved for doing it.

Children are very impressionable at an early age and we do not always understand the damage that we do to our own children not meaning to and it can be simple words or gestures, so what does an activity like this do to harm the future of these children?

It upsets me that we have stricter laws from the Human Society on welfare of animals than we do on Child Protection.  I would hope that this activity would be stopped. Adults jeering children on through a cage is nothing short of barbaric. How can these children feel good about it? How can they feel anything but fear for survival?

Not to mention the damage that can be done to a child by an injury in one of these cages.  There is no gear worn and they say they are protected by the rules. But I have seen the results of unexpected injuries, including brain trauma. I would never want to take that chance with my child or anyone elses.

I hope that people will join me in saying that our children should be the most precious resource we have and we need to protect them. We need to have good role models and age appropriate activities where they can feel valued not demeaned in any way.

I hope that there will be follow up on what I saw on television because it is not something I want to see in our society.



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