November 3rd

I am Thankful:

I got up this morning at 8:00 am to the community sirens going off. It startled me as that is only the second time I have ever heard them go off.  I still don’t know why they went off but apparently everything in the community is okay. I am very thankful for the community I live in and that we look out for one another.

When I got up this morning as usual I looked to see where my cats where. My female cat was close as usual always looking for a handout. I had no idea where the male cat was but thought he was probably in the back bedroom sleeping with my son. I went about my business for the morning. After two and a half hours I heard the kitchen cupboard door. Oh, no it was my male cat. He had gone in the cupboard under the sink where he isn’t suppose to be. It’s mousing season and living in a trailer it’s next to impossible to totally block the mice from coming in. However, Skeeter, my cat usually isn’t in the cupboard very long. This time was different. I don’t know what time he went in there as I was asleep but he must have fallen asleep watching. Now he was trying to get out. I went and aided him with the door and he came out cranky just like when he first wakes up. Now he’s hungry as the entire time he was in there the food dish was available to Miss Baby who loves to eat. Skeeter is not a happy camper, he slept in the cupboard, missed breakfast and got scolded on top of it. I guess I will have to give me some extra TLC today.

I am thankful that Skeeter is all right. I worry about under the cupboards as the previous tenants had poison blocks that I had to remove for the cats safety.

The sun is shining out today and I am always thankful for that. Now my son is up and off to look for work and take care of errands. I am always thankful for what he does. Now I can enjoy my writing and comments left by my readers.

Please leave comments so I know who was here. Please share with me what you are thankful for. It is just a great day to be alive. I am thankful for that.

Till next time look around and see what little things you are thankful for.


2 Responses

  1. I agree. 🙂
    I am thankful for my sanity and level of tollerance (These are tough times!).. . and my friends who are usually available to list to me vent, my wonderful dogs, and my creativity that keeps me grounded (to some extent!)
    Have a great day Janice!

    • Cakes thanks for leaving a comment. Yes these are tough times and it is important that all of us stick together and remember what we have to be thankful for. There is nothing like a friend who is a good listener and allows us to vent. My cats are so good at that. I really appreciate them listening to me. We all need to try to stay grounded but we also need our moments of floating in the air. As long as we try to keep a balance we do fine.
      Thank you I will have a great day and I wish you the same! Come back often.

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