November 4th

I am thankful for:

Good morning everyone. Once again I am back looking at what I have to be thankful for. The sky is grey today but I am Thankful we have no wind and no snow yet.

I am thankful that after finally working with the cats they decided it best to settle down and let mom sleep.Which they are doing now so I am sure they quietly got up during the night and played.

I am thankful that the house is calm and quiet now allowing me to be on my blog site.

Of course, I am thankful to have another new day in my life and friends and family to share it with.

I am thankful that I have my computer and the ability to write when I choose. I am very thankful for a site on Facebook called “You know You are from Butte, America if……” This site is people from my hometown sharing memories and connecting. I have had many enjoyable hours reading about old times, looking at pictures and sharing my own memories. You can take the girl out of the hometown but you can’t take the hometown out of the girl.

Growing up in Butte was a one of a kind experience. You had to live with the people there to understand it. They always stay connected no matter what happens throughout their lives. No matter how far they move Butte is always home. The loyalty, the support, the reference, and the friendships you don’t find anywhere else. I have lived in many small towns and it’s not the same anywhere else. Butte was such a melting pot of culture that no matter where you came from you were accepted.  Yes times have changed and Butte has it’s problems just like the rest of us but Butte people will always be connected. I wish the world would be more like that.

Therefore my big thankful for the day is I am thankful to be from Butte, Montana a place where anyone can find a place to call home. If it wasn’t for the snow and the cold I’d move back in a heartbeat but my health won’t take it.

I am thankful for everyone who has supported my writing. I hope to be able to visit Butte in July. The money I get from my books is now going to a hometown reunion. I will be thankful for every book that sells.

Well that’s all for now. Please share what you are thankful for. I’ll be back later to read them.


4 Responses

  1. Optimism, the nice hearty dinner I just made for myself that filled my belly, and the fact that tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities!

    • Thank goodness we always have the new days to look forward to. Hearty meals are always great and with winter approaching nice warm meals not only warm the stomache, heart and soul but feel the home with a wonderful aroma of love. Tonight it will be my poor man’s pasties. I can do them in fifteen minutes. They are actually pinwheels with hamburger but I like to pretend I’m eating a good Cornish pasty….. yummmmmmmmmm.

  2. I too am thankful to have grown up in Butte. What Butte has taught me is that you can look past the scars and dirt in this world and see the beauty and splendor all around you. And appreciate beauty more because you had to work for the view. It taught me that on any given day, the world can take away things, people, homes and yet leave so much, like friends, family and faith. it grounded me in reality. Sometimes grim, sometimes hard and every once in awhile so delightful that it makes you close your eyes and commit it to memory. Yeah, it’s a Butte thing. Wish everyone could have it……

    • Yes it’s a Butte thing. We grew up not knowing from one year till the next if there was going to be a lay off or a strike. But people didn’t move away because of bad economy. They stuck it out and endured the tough times. After all most of life in Butte was tough. Either you had the elements of the whether, the economy or worry about the miners underground and the the open pit. The one thing I learned from Butte is never judge a book by its cover. Butte surely isn’t what strangers see when they drive through without taking time to stop and meet the people. The history, the love and the fellowship cannot be found anywhere else. Butte is one of a kind and I’m proud to be from there.

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