November 5th

Good morning or afternoon my friends.

I am Thanful for:

I am thankful for a better nights sleep last night. The cats settled down and let me sleep like they should. Yippee.

I am thankful for waking up to sunshine even though the wind is horrible today.

I am thankful for all who stopped by and read my blog and  for those who took a moment to share. Thank you I know I’m not alone.

I am very thankful for some wonderful friends on Facebook who made me feel great yesterday when I was starting to feel somewhat blue.

I am thankful for my best friend that I grew up with and have remained friends without even though we sometimes lose touch. I am thankful that she’s now back in my life.

I am thankful for my sister who takes time from her busy life to share in mine.

I am thankful for my sons who are not too near and not too far but always there for me.

I am thankful for the home I have to life in and the food on my table during a time when our economy is so bad.

I am thankful for the years that I was allowed to be a teacher and do what I loved doing.

I am thankful for all the wonderful memories that I have and hope I never lose them.

I am thankful for being able to be silly at the age of sixty-one and serious when I need to.

I am thankful to know that I still have an inner-child in me.

I am thankful for living in a community where I don’t have to fear everyone.

I am thankful for freedom of choice and knowing that i can change my life if I choose to.

I am thankful for having learned to belief in God at an early age. His faith has helped me through many difficult hours. I am thankful that we life in a society where we have the freedom to choose what we want to belief in.

I am thankful for my God-given talents and abilities . I hope that I may use them in a way that will help others.

Most of all I am thankful for the beauty that I see each day: The trees as they change colors dropping their leaves. The last rose of the summer. The animals as they scurry about. The blue sky with its clouds, and the beautiful river that runs through town. I love the mountains and rolling hills, the wilderness. I love to watch that caterpillar on a leaf. How great it is to have such beauty to see.

I am thankful for my senses: Being able to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the good with the bad.

I am thankful for all that has been given to me.

I am thankful for being me.

Finally I am thankful for all of you who took time in your busy days to join me and share with me. Hurry back now.


2 Responses

  1. what a great thanks list. It is so good to have a positive outlook, we are very much alike. (I try to be positive and it is easier now that I am retired adn free to follow my own agenda.)

    • Hi Maggie and thank you for visiting and your comment. I try to be positive and always have tried. However, some days are harder than others especially do to the pain I am in. I am also retired and on disability. I follow my own agenda within the restraints of my health. That’s why writing has becoming such a positive thing for me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to visit and leave comments.

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