November 9th

What a beautiful Sunny Morning 🙂

I am thankful for:

Such a beautiful day. Sunny, cold and calm.

I was up at four o’clock this morning and my inspiration struck me. I spent sometime writing, then relaxed playing on Facebook while satisfying a tooth that wants to ache.

I am thankful that my Medicare has kicked in this month even though I have no dental.

I am thankful for the kind gentleman I spoke with on the phone yesterday about Medicare. Now I am not so overwhelmed and there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

I am thankful that we have kind people to help us with the information needed especially when it comes to important things like social security, Medicare/Medicaid and insurance. These are areas that can be very confusing and mistakes are costly.

I am thankful that I was able to spend the rest of my day yesterday in peace knowing that even having to pick up a prescription insurance plan the cost would be horrific. I still need more information on the dental and was advised to speak with my current provider to see what advise he can give me.

We are a small area and not everything is available to us. However, the advantage to being small is that everyone one knows everyone and will be helpful.

After calming my tooth and having a calm morning.

I was thankful to see the beautiful sunrise as it peeked over the house tops, like an eye winking, at surprise to see me waiting there for it.

Now feeling the effects of my Alleve and having seen the sunrise I was thankful to be able to return to bed for some much-needed sleep. I had thought about posting early but realized I just wasn’t alert enough to do so.

Now I am back with energy and vibrancy to carry on today. However, I have to share my Magpie with you today.

I am thankful that I was sitting at the computer yesterday and having stopped for a break took a moment to just look out my window at the leaves on the grass. I love nature. During this time a Magpie that I have named Marty came hoping through my yard. I was surprised to see Marty. This year we have not had many birds as the other end of the trailer court hung bird feeders and they have stayed there for the summer months. That was good for me as I was able to have my plums this year uneaten by birds.

I watched Marty to see what he was about to do. He hopped through the yard looking beautiful with his black sleek feathers, and the green and blue shining through on his tail. I thought he was about to leave when I realized he was carrying something in his mouth.  He hoped to the corner where my street sign sits in my yard and is surrounded by foliage. Looking about to make sure he wasn’t being watched he hid what he had been carrying . Pulling a leave over it and picking a stick here and there as if to be foraging so not to call unusual attention to himself. Then I thought he was going to hope across the street but with two hops he took off into flight and was gone. I thought about going to see what he had buried but decided against it as I want him to return for another interesting day. I have always know Magpie’s to be thieves but upon going to Wikipedia yesterday and reading about their habits I found it very interesting that they are the only non-mammal animal that has been proven to be able to recognize them-self. How interesting is that. So I thought if he knows himself I’d better have a name for him. So now I will wait and watch for Marty to return.

I am thankful that we have such beautiful nature to enjoy when we take a moment out of our day to really look closely and see what is going on around us.

I am thankful for answering machines.

Growing up we wouldn’t have dared not answer the phone when it rang. People didn’t take that much on them so what if it was an emergency? You always answered the phone no matter what time night or day.

Now people are on cell phones so much that they go home and don’t want to answer the phone. However, they will check their text messages and answering machines.

Now with my health and sleeping patterns what they are I am glad that I don’t have to run for the phone when ever it rings. A message can be left and I can check its importance returning a call if necessary.

I am thankful that I learned to text because I have learned with my youngest son when he won’t answer the phone a text of 911 gets an immediate call back to mom.

I am thankful when I am still smart enough to out smart my sons which doesn’t happen often anymore. They have learned my tricks and have added their own. Being a new generation it is sometimes hard to keep up with them.

I am thankful that I am an old-fashioned kind of gal. I believed in discipline and respect. I told my kids if it was good enough for my parents then it’s good enough for me as I turned out all right.

I am thankful that I grew up with just enough fear not to cross those forbidden boundaries even though I pushed it to the limit as my sister will tell you.

I am thankful that I never ever remember being spanked or hit by my parents but I loved them, respected them and didn’t want to shame or disappoint them. What ever happened to that kind of respect?

I am thankful when my sons respect me and I can see that they have become respectful young responsible men. I am more proud of that more than any accomplishment they could make.  Respect and responsibility will get you much further in life.

I am thankful to see so many of our young people now returning to activities like music, dance, and the arts following their passions.

I have watched several programs on television and it gives my heart pleasure when I see the young people truly enjoying themselves. I watched the tribute to Michael Jackson’s World Tour on Dancing with the Stars last night. I am so glad that they performed that and are continuing to honor his memory. I am saddened by the harshness of his youth. We need to let young people enjoy their passions and not push so hard for perfection. First you have to find the love , then the passion and perfection will follow if the spirit isn’t destroyed.

I am thankful to be living in a time where there are so many different opportunities for our young people. Growing up we were not aware of all the opportunities out there and I am sorry for that. However, you made the best of the life you were given.

I am thankful for technology and the doors it has opened although it is still changing and unknown territory . That is why it needs to be monitored closely by parents from predators.

I am thankful that my mood for writing is returning. I have had to leave it alone for a couple of weeks but I know when it is time again as inspiration starts creeping in.

Oh oh I am thankful for seeing the shadow in my window. A squirrel just ran up the light pole. It was so funny to see him scamper like a lumberjack all the way up to the top. Now he just sits, waits, and watches. An occasional twitch of the tail. I haven’t seen much squirrel activity since I’ve moved here and I do miss it.
Oh he’s getting ready to go hanging from the top; no he came back up. Now facing the opposite direction but twitching more. He’s looking for something. His tail is really going to town he must be calling to a mate. My I’ve never seen a squirrel sit in one place this long. They are always on the go. I wonder how long he can sit there? I will get a stiff neck just looking up at him.  I get dizzy just staring up at him.  He’s sitting up at the top of the light pole next to the big metal arm of the light. I can’t help but think that metal would be cold if touched. But he’s higher up and can sun bathe. Hmmmmmmmmm makes you wonder what it is like from a squirrel’s view-point.
Last summer we had too many birds and the squirrels stopped coming around as it was a fight over food.

They used to like to sit in the yard and taunt my cats knowing they were sitting at the window watching.  My cat hasn’t yet discovered an invader in the yard. Baby is sitting at the window looking out and Skeeter is just arriving on the scene.

A breeze is starting to pick-up which may make it difficult to stay up there much longer. Oh here comes the wind. But he is still sitting on top. He must be warning about a coming storm, he’s not leaving and his tail continues to twitch. Oh there is some movement.  Oh down he comes scampering on the way looking around as he stops half way down then again stopping occasionally before leaping into the yard . Now he’s off. Headed across the road to another point of view.

He managed to stay there much longer than I expected. I guess I’ll have to name him to. Let’s call him Sammy Squirrel.

Now my yard seems empty as Sammy has left and I haven’t seen Marty today.  Oh how thankful I would be for a nice digital camera with a zoom lens.

I am thankful that on these days of winter when we miss the summer activities we can still see mother nature’s creations running and leaping about if we only take time to watch.  Like children at play sometimes you see the humor in what they do. They brighten your moment and if you should be lucky enough to have a laugh or two then that is even better.

Oh Marty just flew over head. The birds are stirring and checking out the sky. We must have a storm rolling in.

I am thankful that I can just write what ever is happening for that day. I don’t pre-plan anything as I feel it becomes more interesting to go day by day.

My son just left for the post office to ship another order of books. I am so thankful that he will run those errands for me.

I am so thankful for every book that sales as that is more money to continue writing, pay the bills and be able to eat for a starving author.

I was very thankful for a book order that came in just as harvest started because my son was using my car and we had problems with the lights. I was able with the book money to immediately have the lights fixed so he could continue to drive my car. I usually have to wait for the monthly check to come.

I sent a thank you to the party who had ordered the book telling her how much that had helped.  Often times in today’s world we forget to say thank you. That is why it was so important I let her know how much I appreciated her.

I am very thankful that I have my book orders to help me survive in this time of economical crunch. It is hard enough for the young people but it is worse when you are a senior citizen or are disabled and no longer can pick up the jobs like you once could.

I am thankful for every reader and book order that I have. You wonderful people help to support me and allow me to purchase medications when I need to.

Well I am in the mood to do some inspirational writing so I will end my blog for now. Saying until tomorrow take care join me here everyday. I would love to see more I am thankful comments.

Yesterday $5000 was donated to the food bank by two businesses that went together. I am thankful when business give back to the community. Now some of the hungry will be able to have Thanksgiving Dinners.

Well until next time take care be safe and enjoy nature.

Remember to tell me what you are Thankful for  🙂



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