November 12

Better Late then Never 🙂

I am starting late today. I had a rough night with a toothache and needed to make a morning run to the doctor and the grocery store. Now I can try to relax for the afternoon.

Although the sun is out and the sky is blue it is very cold and windy.

We had rain and snow last night.

Our first skiff of snow on the ground in town. Not enough to stay except in shaded areas.

The storm that hit Alaska is moving down through Montana now and I fear we will ge t the tail end of that Cold front.

I am thankful for:

My wonderful doctor who helps me whenever I need it. She gave me a pain pill for my teeth until I can get into the dentist. Now I can keep my blood pressure down and get some badly needed sleep tonight.

I am thankful for selling another book and being able to buy groceries and medicine.

I am thankful to now be at home where it is nice and warm and I can stay in for the remainder of the day.

I am thankful for good old-fashioned home remedies that work especially when you don’t have medicine.

I am thankful for my sister who took time out of her busy day to call me last night. Her brother is in the hospital and just had a newer heart procedure for controlling the rhythm of the heart. Not sure what they call it. He is doing well and hopefully this will improve his situation.

I am thankful for having a phone so I can be reached by those people in my life that I really care about.

I am very thankful for caller id and the window on cell phones so you can monitor unwanted calls.

I am thankful for all the wonderful tributes yesterday for the military. There were some awesome happenings globally.

I am thankful that we don’t have presidential campaigning every year.

I am thankful for made in USA and those many companies that are returning to the USA. We just heard another factory would be closing in Idaho and another 200 jobs will be lost in the next six months. We can’t afford that. There aren’t that many jobs here and most are seasonal.

I am thankful for the companies that have moved into Idaho to provide jobs.

I live in such a rural town that you have to cross the river to go to the fast food restaurants. We do have one Subway Sandwich shop and a Pizza Hut. There are a couple other small restaurants but that’s about it.  This morning when I left I was surprised to see in the empty lot behind my house on the main highway coming through town a new little box . I thought what is that. It looked like a  snow cone  store. But lo and behold it was a doughnut shop.  I laughed and said okay now we have donuts. Usually around here you go to the convenient stores or the grocery stores for donuts. I love donuts. I don’t eat them often but occasionally a donut is a great way to start the day.

I am thankful for donuts and now I guess I will have to try this new independent business out.

I am thankful for free enterprise.

I love holidays and all though I am thankful for them it is hard for me to go into stores and see Christmas items right after Halloween. I wish holidays didn’t start so early.

I am thankful for the business who are not going to honor Black Friday starting early on Thanksgiving night.

I will not shop at any store who takes family away from families on Thanksgiving Day just to open the stores six hours earlier. Enough is enough people.

Thank you to all who have said they won’t shop on Thanksgiving.

Well there is no sign of Marty Magpie or Sammy Squirrel, so I am sure they are in somewhere warm.

I dread the coming of snow and the grey winters But I am thankful that I have plenty to keep me busy during those months.

This month my sister has been working to help her grand-daughter get ready for some craft fairs. Her grand-daughter Sarah is in the girl scouts and will one of the hundreds of girl scouts going to Washington DC this next summer to honor the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts. They are charging $1600 per scout to go. That is a lot of money for these young girls. So they are doing many fundraisers including craft shows.

I am very thankful for those people who help make dreams possible for these girls. Everyone buying from them makes it that much easier for a girl to go.

Please take time and support your local girl scouts with a donation this year. There cookie drive will be late and they need the money in before that time.

If anyone would like to help Sarah please contact me and I will tell you how you can make a donation to her troop. I am very proud of this young lady.

Today is going to be a special attention to cats day at my home. When I came home from the doctors I had a sick cat. That happens once in a while especially if he eats something too rich. Today Skeeter is having a rough day. I will be spending a lot of time spoiling him.

I am thankful that he trusts me enough to do just about anything with him.  It looks like he is getting ready for a nap. I am thankful that he will take a nice long afternoon nap.

I am thankful for a lazy day so I am going to say good-bye for now. Thanks for coming by . Thanks for all comments posted.  Remember share with me what you are thankful for. Until tomorrow  be thankful for what comes your way 🙂


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