Black Friday

Sorry but I don’t believe in Black Friday.

They say there are great deals but you often pay more on those days than if you wait until the last two weeks before Christmas. Yes some items will be harder to find but on black Friday you are satisfying the pockets of corporations.

This year with the economy poor they are so afraid that they aren’t going to get the money from you the consumer that they have started the hours earlier to grab every cent from your pocket-book. Why are you as the consumers buying into their corporate mentality.

It’s all about supply and demand. If there is no demand then they will be forced to reduce prices and offer better sales throughout the month of December giving normality to Christmas shopping.

Why would people stoop to the mentality of sleeping in front of a store for two weeks just hoping to get a good deal.

What has our society come to.

IF you want to be a successful shopper start with these tips:

Buy locally.

Buy made in USA

Buy craft and practical items.

Support small business owners.

Support those who respect holidays and don’t make their workers miss Thanksgiving just to earn a few extra bucks.

People that are going to spend money will anyway.

Check out your chain stores and now where they are based and where the money goes. Why would you shop at a chain store that is based in France, China, Germany, etc. All that money leaves the United States and effects our economy.

Shop where it will increase our economy improve local area jobs and where customers are treated with courtesy.

Remember if you don’t get that special bargain maybe it wasn’t something you needed in the first place.

Buy things like are practical.

How about a homemade apron for Mom, wife, grandmother etc.

What about a book to read and turn off that television set.

How about homemade scarfs and caps for everyone.

How about homemade goodies.

How about making your own Christmas presents and having an old fashion Christmas.

Children need lessons in being practical if there isn’t money for that Nintendo or Xbox than make something at home.

How about having the family have a family night and watch movies together. Instead of renting movies buy an inexpensive movie you can watch over and over.

Go on-line see what you can find. There are great items for children such has paper dolls, cities, paper models. Things that kids can build and be creative with. Print them off on your computer and give them glue, and supplies that are needed.

How about special school supplies to fill their stocking.

When I was growing up every year Santa put a small flash light in our Stocking with ORanges, Apple, candy and a small toy. The flash light was great we could use it camping and fishing or just to scare our sibling. Peanuts and candy are great.

How about that food item that Grandma loves but can’t afford on her pension. It can be something as simple as a box of chocolate covered cherries, hot chocolate, her favorite crackers with dip, etc.

People don’t have to spend all their hard-earned money on big fancy electronic equipment and fancy do dah’s that are only going to be used part of the year. Each room in the house doesn’t need a television, a computer, etc.

It’s time to get back to the essentials.

Whatever you do remember it’s better to give than to receive and if you don’t find what you are looking for always have a Plan B to follow.

Here’s saying happy hunting and best of luck through the coming holiday seasons.

Till Next time 🙂


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