November 24th Happy Thanksgiving Day

Hello to one and all. I hope that this Thanksgivings Day finds everyone safe and comfortable.

Thanksgiving Day:

Thanksgiving is a time of family, friends and traditions. It is the time when even our differences bring us all together.

Foods may vary, family traditions may vary but sharing time together and being Thankful for our many blessings is something we all share.

Even when loved ones can’t be together it is a time to be Thankful for those who are in your life and have touched you in some special way.

It is a wonderful day of joy and blessings. It is a day that should set the atmosphere for the rest of the year. Love, joy and sharing coming together as one.

Wherever you are on this day may you all have a wonderful day that you will remember for ever.

I have had the good fortunate of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Family to share it with and the warmth of my own home. It has been a joy free from stress and worries.

I have had a wonderful son who cooked dinner for me and I was able to sit back and enjoy. I look back on this day remembering helping my mother and the family gatherings we had. Now I am happy to see that my sons are able to continue the same traditions in their adult life.

There is nothing better than to see an extension of family traditions. We is also an extension of happy memories, past, present and hopefully for the future.

Although some traditions change and families change. The root of family stays the same.

May this holiday season bless all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!
Enjoy a wonderful Meal and be safe.

Till Next time. My love and blessings go with you. 🙂


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  1. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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