November 26th

Hello to everyone 🙂

I hope that the holiday left you happy and content. I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed traditions and family gatherings. Now that you are into the rush weekend after Black Friday may the up coming weeks be filled with joy.

I am thankful:

One of the traditions that we had as children growing up was on Thanksgiving Day after dinner and dishes were done everyone would gather around. We would get out what we called the wish books. The wish books were the JC Penney and Sears Catalogs. Then we would spend hours looking through them wishing for what Santa might bring us.

This was a time for family to learn what it was you really wanted for Christmas.

I use to love to look at the toy selection and see what new dolls were coming out. We were allowed to ask for one doll and one other toy.

That became our wish list to Santa. Aunts, uncles, grandma, mom’s, and dad’s and cousins all were together to share ideas. Many ears to hear and repeat what you wanted.

It was an exciting way of starting into the Christmas season. Sometimes we could take old catalogs  on Thanksgiving Day and cut out pictures to make a picture list. Mom always had plenty of old ones along with the newest ones.

We would spend time flipping through jewelry , cologne and household sections finding out what the aunts liked and didn’t like. We would go through the men’s clothes and tool sections finding out what they had and what they needed. It was the one time of the year you could get everyone together and discuss the same thing.

It became more difficult in my adult years to do this when catalogs had to be bought. Being a single parent I couldn’t afford that extra five dollars to buy my wish book so I relied on fliers in the newspapers. However, I to this day miss my wish books.

Now you just have to take a chance that someone will drop a hint at an affordable gift. With today’s technology and extreme games it’s hard to know who has what and who wants what.

Prices have sky rocketed and it’s hard to find that inexpensive gift on an a minimum budget.

I remember when we use to go shopping and buy a set of Earrings and brochettes for our aunts a very low-cost.

Father’s and uncles always needed handkerchiefs and you tried to find one with their initial embroidered in it. Since my uncle and father had the same initial we tried to find two different colors of embroidering.

Dusting powder was another favorite which isn’t easy to find today at an affordable price.

Cologne was always acceptable and the aunts liked anything we gave them.

Mom was always the hardest person to shop for. She was the practical one who didn’t want money wasted. You never knew the right color, shape, style or model for anything. If you bought anything of luxury you were in trouble for spending too much.

The best present I ever got my mom was after I left for college and I bought her a hanging set of utensils. She had never had a complete set and I had never seen a ladle in the house. I decided she needed one. She had never ever asked for one but loved that gift. Sometimes the simplest most common everyday items are the best.

As a mother I would find out one year that the best gift I could have bought my sons were the screw drivers that I picked up at the dollar store. Not having much money I rushed to the store found what I could and hoped for the best. Surprisingly the screw drivers turned out to be magnetic which every man wants because they pick up items like screws when dropped. I didn’t even know they were magnetized, wow did I luck out that year.

Another year I lucked out as I went through the store and saw a good tool deal in a kit at a reasonable price and bought it. My son said those were the best quality tools he had ever owned and asked where I got them. I couldn’t remember.

Sometimes the less energy we spend and those last-minute items turn out to be the best we could have hoped for.

The same amount of love is in them it’s just better to give something that they can use then to hunt for days for expensive items that will sit on the shelf and never be taken out.

I always use to love to do that last-minute Christmas Eve shopping to see what specials I could find at the last-minute.

So as you do your Christmas shopping my advice to you is :

1. Be practical

2. Be useful

3. Be reasonable

4. Be economical

5. Be from the heart

6. Don’t be afraid to wait.

Happy shopping and until next time be careful 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Beautiful post! Such a nice tradition. I like it very much. Great Christmas tips too! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I sure hope so. Are you ready for Christmas?

    • Thank you four bluehills. I try to enjoy what I can of the holidays. It isn’t easy this day and age for families to always be together. I am never ready for Christmas so I guess I have to say is Christmas ready for me?
      Best to you and all my friends through the holiday season.

      • You are so right about families being able to get together for the holidays. While my brother and sister are here, in Wyoming, my other brother and his family are in San Diego. Not to mention aunts, uncles and cousins all over the states. I do miss them very much. I usually have most of my Christmas shopping done, but I am very behind this year. Been truly lazy. 😉

  2. Thank you fourbluehills. Christmas shopping is getting harder and harder with the economy the way it is. Sometimes a present from the heart is greater than anything that is store bought.
    I don’t go to the sales and fight the crowds. However, last night got a few practical ideas at dinner. Will shop one day and be done. Best wishes to you this holiday season.

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