November 28

Good Day to all my friends out there. Come in sit down and take a moment to enjoy reading.

I am Thankful For:

Being invited to my youngest sons home for a second Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. We had my son and his finance all to ourselves.

It might sound selfish but it was some time needed to visit without interruptions.

I was able to get ideas of their needs for Christmas and they were simple practical ones. Thank you for that.

I am thankful for the time they took special just to fix a dinner and spend time with us.

I am thankful for being able to laugh and enjoy each other.

I am thankful for not having to worry about how I act and what I do or say.

I am thankful that I could just be me.

I am thankful for the time we had although it is never long enough for a mother. Both were recovering from being sick and needed some quiet time to rest after a busy week so we cut the day short.

I am thankful Christmas day will be at my home and we can extend the visit.

Today it is grey outside however,  I am thankful that there is no wind and is a calm day.

I am thankful to be able to move on with my week now planning strategies for the next holiday.

I am thankful for delicious food however, with Christmas coming I will have to be good now.

I am thankful that my cats as mad as they were for being left alone all day were able to get over it and settle into the night routine and allow me a good evenings sleep.

I am very thankful that I don’t have to spend days going shopping before Christmas. With all the store specials there is one thing that they do not take into consideration and that is the physically handicapped and the senior citizens. It is nearly impossible for them to go shopping with the hustle and bustle and rudeness of crowds. Just day-to-day shopping can be dangerous for a fragile person. Since they are so anxious to have special shopping days why don’t they have one day that is designated to closed to the public and only allow those with handicapped plaques in. I myself have difficulty walking due to sever pain in my back. It causes my legs to be weak and unstable because they carry the weight that my back should be handling. I can’t handle a store with a lot of people in it. It doesn’t take much of a bump or someone rushing around the corner throw me off-balance.

Also the bigger stores like the malls, JC Penney’s, Sears, etc don’t have shopping carts to lean on and there are no motorized carts for handicapped. Therefore I can never shop at the malls.

I am thankful for the small businesses and do what I can there and try to shop local as much as possible however, I eventually get forced to going to Wal-Mart which I hate.

I also detest giving gift cards for presents however, sometimes they are more practical than anything. They also are an answer when I can’t go myself because I can send someone else to pick up gift cards and feel them out later. Although I could do the same thing with cash and wrap it in a pretty package like the old days and they could use it where they wanted.

Now that we enter the Month of December I will be transitioning my What I am thankful for on to Family Holidays, Customs and Traditions.  Often times people say Customs and Traditions are the same thing however, I view Customs as a nationality behavior and traditions as an independent custom that could be celebrated by many nationalities. We will talk about food, traditions, decorations and whatever comes to mind. If you have something you want to post such as a favorite family recipe or anything that pertains to Christmas please feel free to do so. I will be say Merry Christmas, Christmas trees, and Happy Holidays. I will be talking about christian traditions because that is how my family celebrated Christmas. I am not doing it to offend anyone but these are my memories. I am asking you to share yours.

Until tomorrow please be safe, warm and blessed. May this holiday season bring a season of healing of the souls, the economy and a world which is in serious need of heeling. To one and all be blessed.


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