November 29th

Hello again. Come in sit yourself down and have a nice warm cup of mint tea.

There is nothing like mint to soothe you. On this somewhat chilly day a warm cup of tea will warm the bones.

Let’s chat and make our visit fun.

Amazing as it is the month of November is coming to an end. It’s hard to imagine. Where did October go. Now we are approaching December and the holiday shopping.

It is that time of year for hustle and bustle, trying to find that perfect gift item for Christmas. People are deciding decorations for their homes, gift wrapping, and traditional foods.

Baking has already started and planning of the big day. I find myself this year wanting to break away from all the basic old traditions. I find that it has been difficult to financially keep up with them and to also celebrate the same way my family did. Families are more torn apart than ever and I find myself wanting to simplify new traditions.

Is this the year when we decide to be practical. Is there going to be different foods, gifts, and a way of celebrating.

Of course I will always stay with the traditional meaning behind Christmas. Then there are Christmas Carols and the wonderful singing, and music that you hear in the stores and everywhere you go.

I live in a small community with a community square that is in the center of the small business district. The music is played and speakers are in the square. We are known as the City of Lights and have received many awards for our Christmas decorations. Now as you go shopping in the square, go to eat in small business restaurants and simply walk the square you will hear the wonderful Christmas carols as the speakers project the music outside. What a wonderful experience. Black Friday was the lighting of the Square and the arrival of Santa Claus. That is a wonderful time when the community gathers opens the square and shares chili, and hot chocolate as the await the lights. Then fireworks are set off to celebrate this wonderful experience. For the remainder of the holiday season the square will be lit and decorated beautifully reminding all of us to celebrate Christmas with its wonderful traditions.

I grew up in a small town and decorations were placed on the mine scaffolds which were beautiful to see as you drove down mountain passes coming into the city.

The one thing that always seems to be present during the month of December is the beauty of lights and decorations.

Christmas will be celebrated by my family in my home on Christmas Day so I have twenty-six days to decide how I want to do this. It is difficult to decorate with my cats. They have never experienced an indoor tree and they don’t allow plants to survive in my house. Yet this year I am feeling drawn to the idea of a tree. I am trying to imaging decorations that dangle with two playful cats.  My heart is wanting an old-fashioned Christmas with all the trimmings.

However, I haven’t figured out how to pull it all off. We use to eat way too much. Spend days preparing and getting ready and have the entire family involved.

Now when you are lucky to see your family for one day that is difficult.

There are no babies so it takes some of the innocence and fun away from the joy of Christmas.

However, there is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing the beautiful lights decorating homes on a snow let night. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone for a ride just to look at Christmas decorations. That would be a wonderful present this year.

Now with December approaching I will be writing more and more about families, traditions, and foods. If there is something specific someone would like to know about please leave a comment and I will reply on my blog.

But for today I will finish with what I am Thankful for:

I am thankful to be able to spend another season with my family.

I am thankful that every day I spend time with family members I get that warm feeling inside.

I am thankful that my family would rather spend time together than care more about materialistic items.

I am thankful at a time when our country is facing such critical economic problems my family is stable even though finances are difficult.

I am thankful that I was blessed with two wonderful sons. Even though the marriage with their father didn’t work out. He gave me the most precious gift of my life and I will always be thankful to him for my sons.

I am thankful for my blog site that I can share with others and hopefully put a smile on someone elses face for the day.

I am thankful for Sammy the Squirrel that was running through my yard this week looking for food. He didn’t stay long as there was wind but he comes and lets me know he’s okay and collects what he cans.

I am thankful that today although not a bright sunny day, is a day with a blue sky, a few clouds, and no breeze in the air.

I am thankful for a furnace that warms me at night as the sun goes down and house cools off.

I am thankful for my loving cats who remind me when it’s time to get up and time to go to sleep.

I am thankful for the lunch my son provided me with this afternoon. I am starting to feel like a spoiled princess sitting on her throne. I have to remember to frequently get up and walk around so I don’t gain another hundred pounds.

I am thankful for my warm cuddly blanket that I love curling up in when I need to.

I am thankful for learning that a gift I gave my son’s finance several years ago on Christmas was a favorite. I never knew until Thanksgiving that she loved it. It was a Buddy bear with rice in it that you heat in the microwave and can use to cuddle with for your aches and pains. Unfortunately my son over nuked Buddy and now she is out a bear. When talking about presents she said she would love another one. My heart dropped because it was a specialty order and I had no idea where to find another one. However, I am thankful that we have figured it out. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I am thankful that I have been able to move forward in a once strained relationship with my son’s finance. People do not always understand each other and those who are fortunate take time to get to know one another and learn to understand them. It is not always easy for either party however, if it is important in your life you take the time to do it. I am thankful I was given that opportunity to grow.

I am thankful to each person that I have touched or that has touched my life. Now that I am about to leave you for today I am going to ask that during this holiday season you remember to pass it forward. No matter how difficult your situation you can always take a moment to put a smile on someone elses face.

So today I want each and everyone of you to know that your are in my prayers and I wishing many blessings in your life.  Remember we are all living in a challenging world today. Enjoy the baby moments and be thankful for the small things.

With my love and blessings I say ado to you. Hope you will be back tomorrow to share with me.


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