November 30th

The closing of another Chapter.

My friends now as November is ending another chapter in our life is ending. Another holiday gone by and another change about to take place.

Each month brings a new Chapter a beginning, an adventure and an ending. As November comes to a close we need to remember the Thanks that we shared and the many wonderful people who made it possible for so many hungry people to have Thanksgiving Dinner.

We need to remember the many who provided food, shelter, clothing and a moment of happiness in another persons life.

Wee need to remember the men and woman who were away from their families to help not only fight for freedom but to also help others have some peace in their own countries and have a time to be thankful for.

We need to be thankful for each day that we have to take a moment to touch another’s life. So as I look around on this last day of November even with the wind howling, the grey skies above and the cold in the air, I still can be thankful that people care.

So today I will not complain that the wind blew my chimes and woke me up I will be thankful that I can hear the music of the chimes. I will be thankful for the warm blanket I have to sleep under. I will be thankful for an opportunity to face another day.

I have to go to town this afternoon. That is an adventure I do seldom but as I go out today I will be thankful for each and ever person who has work and can help me.

Let us all approach December with a prayer in our heart and help the Lord to do his part.

Dear Lord as Christmas comes our way if I could have but one thing, I would ask for our economy to turn around and for people to have jobs. I want for little. I need little. However, many are hurting and my heart would be blessed to see these people able to rest. My wish for Christmas is that work be available for all, so families can provide for themselves with dignity and pride. Lord help us to pull together as not only a nation but a world. Let us move forward passing it forward helping each other day by day.  Please make this the best December ever. Allow music in our hearts, love that abounds, and a new way of life for all around. Finally lord protect our men and women over seas and bring them home safely. In Christ’s name . Amen

Tomorrow as we enter December we will be talking about families, traditions, the twelve days of Christmas and recipes.  If there is a special recipe you are looking for request it. I probably have it or know where to find it.

Also please assist in programs that send Christmas cards to the military. If you need help in getting that information let me know and I will help the best I can.

Now as I move onward with my day. Put a smile on your face know that November is another chapter closing in your book of life. December will be the next chapter written. So until then stay safe, God bless and keep warm  🙂


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