December 1st

Christmas time is finally here.

Santa Claus and eight reindeer.

People scurry all around,

Hoping for the best gift to be found.

Music carols singing,

Christmas bells are ringing.

Decorations everywhere,

holiday cooking in the air.

Evergreen trees are a must,

finding the right one is such a fuss.

Children making their wish lists

Santa crossing off things that just don’t fit.

Holiday shows that everyone knows,

Christmas stories by families will be told.

Snow flakes dancing in the air,

but no one really cares.

Wishing happy holidays to one and all,

Remember those you need to call.

Wrapping packages to be shipped,

while momma’s making her favorite dip.

Candy Canes hanging all around,

Christmas goodies abundantly found.

Cards and letters in the mail,

Yearly sending without fail.

Boys and girls being their best

hoping Santa will do the rest.

Stockings hung for him to see,

hoping they’ll be full from toe to knee.

Parents wishing for an extra pay check,

for those relatives gifts so hard to get.

Hustling, bustling, through the stores,

thinking am I finished or is there still more?

Angels, bells, Christmas Carols, Deck the Halls,

Elves, Fir trees, Groups Caroling, Happy, Indoor lights,

Jingle Bells, Kettles, Lines, Money, Naughty or Nice, outside lights,

people, questions, reindeer, Santa, trees, unity, visions, white, Xmas,

yummy delights, zillions of people. Christmas from A to Z don’t be surprised at what you will see.

This is that special time of year when magic enters then disappears.

Craziness, Happiness, Sadness, Love, everything will abound.

Make sure you take a moment to look around.

What does Christmas mean to you? For me it’s the birth of a baby boy.

A humble night, a star shining bright, a parents delight, no room in the inn,homeless a stable to keep them warm.

The kindness of an inn keeper,providing warmth, food, and shelter.

So as you enter your holiday spirit think of the many who need  food, a room, and shelter from the cold.

What would have happened if that inn keeper had turned Mary and Joseph away. Would that special baby have lived through out the night and day?

What is your part in this world of ours? Do you have a responsibility to your fellow-man or is it all about material worth?

What is it you want for Christmas? Leave a comment in the comment box. For me I wish for family happiness, food on the table, a warm house to be, and the time to enjoy one another. Share your love. Let it flow free . Remember what Christmas was meant to be.


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