December 23rd

The sun is bright. The sky is blue. Jack frost visited this morning and yet no sign of snow. It is bitter cold outside and expected to stay that way until after Christmas.

Some parts of the country will see no snow for Christmas while other parts of the country are getting more than their share.

This is a winter of the unexpected.

Last minute shoppers are trying to finish up looking for the best deals and those stocking stuffers.

Many however, find it a difficult season and no money to shop with.

This is a year of family traditions, simple Christmas and be thankful for the joys of life.

Many families have expressed their appreciation to be able to have food on the table.

Children aren’t expecting as much as some years.

Secret Santa’s have surprised many people.

Hopefully with Christmas two days away there will still be some surprises yet to come.

However, most of all is that the spirit of Christmas is found.

May families be able to love,laugh and enjoy their time together.

May the true meaning of Christmas shine through.

“It is better to give to receive.” For many this year that is a hard statement as there is no money for giving. However, you can find ways of giving whether it is a homemade gift, a homemade card. Doing something special for a person to lighten their load or just the joy of sharing, love.

The giving of music, whether it is playing a solo, singing or Christmas carols is giving from the heart.

Visiting someone and taking time with them is giving.

Passing down a family heirloom is giving.

There are many ideas online that can be share. Whether it is favorite quotes, handmade crafts or gift ideas.

Giving doesn’t require money. IT’s what you give from you heart.

Sitting and reading a Christmas story to someone can be very enjoyable at Christmas time.

Giving a homemade gift that the family can share year round.

Whatever you decided to do this year remember it’s all about the love that you show.

Christmas comes but once a year,

bringing gifts and spreading cheer.

People shopping all around,

looking for the best bargain in town.

Remembering family holidays,

trying to do as much as they may.

Cooking more food than anyone can eat,

houses filled with many delicious treats.

Decorations of every color and kind,

gifts and wrapping paper on everyone’s mind.

Nativity scenes large and small,

children stopping to look with ah!

Christmas bells ringing,

Carolers singing.

Music galore in every store.

Santa’s, reindeer, snowmen too,

what is the favorite character for you?

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and family more,

How much Christmas can there be in store?

Children trying so hard to be good,

Hoping Santa knows they’ve done what they should.

Parents trying so hard to please,

giving their family special memories.

When it’s all been said and done,

children remember all of the fun.

Parents exhausted shedding a tear,

wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Christmas comes once a year so

may you be blessed till it comes again to call.

May the New Year be what you want it to be,

bringing love, laughter and prosperity.

Remember Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve,

For even Mary had her hopes and her dreams.

May God Bless you all

with happiness as the holidays call.

Until next time. God bless everyone.


2 Responses

  1. nice.
    I have been watching The Grinch with my little ESL students. I hope they ‘get it’ (Christmas doesn’t come from a store).
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Cakes I know where you are coming from. However, when they return to their own country they get it. If they are second or third generation ESL it’s more difficult. I remember my ESL students. However, involving the parents in a celebration makes all the difference in the world. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you too.

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