December 26th

Return Day is here:

The day that is most dreaded by all. The day you frantically rush to the store to return presents that don’t work, clothes that don’t fit while you pray you can find something left on the shelves to replace your item.

This is the day that all workers would like to call in sick but they can’t.

The let down from all that hustle and bustle coming to an end has finally hit.

Now you don’t know what to do next. Could it be I don’t have to do anything?

Next will be the planning of dismantling all the hard work that was put into decorating and preparing for a once and year holiday.

For some preparation will be planning a party for New Years.

For many however, they are relieved that Christmas is over and the worry of financial burdens has come to an end.

Those who didn’t over spend will have enjoyed their Christmas and know that they can handle again come next year.

However, for those plastic people who over spend they will have to work hard to have it paid off before the next Christmas rolls around just to end up in debt again. Something seems very wrong with that.

Having been a single parent for many years I had to learn to live within my means and my sons had to accept what wasn’t always easy. They learned that I would do what I could for them and the rest was love from my heart.

It is still that way today. Now that I am on disability there is no extra money. So I try to be creative. They each received an autographed book of “Growing Up in the Rockies,” a letter from my heart, and a coupon to exchange for a check .

I have a settlement coming but didn’t make it in time for Christmas so the best thing I could do was make up a coupon for them and hope that they were okay with that.

However, I always believe in everyone having a gift to unwrap. So there’s always a candle from the Family Dollar store, candy, picture frames, etc.

I have spent all of my adult life trying not to do anything that would require exchanges.

Growing up as a child I remember having to always exchange one present from a special Aunt. Every family has that one person that you know will give from the heart but you know in the end you will exchange it.

My aunt didn’t see us very often although she lived in the same town. She never had children of her own so wasn’t use to buying clothes for kids. Every year we would get a store-bought dress or blouse and it would be two or three sizes too small. You always had to go the day after to return it. She never had much money as they lived on social security. So she bought from Woolworth’s. I loved that store but it was very hard to find clothes to exchange for the day after Christmas. That meant you would spend hours looking and finally find something you could use or wanted.

I learned then if I didn’t know what size don’t get it. Do something usable.

Then there is always the gifts that come without batteries and you go to use them on Christmas Day and no batteries. I learned as a parent very quickly children don’t understand that. There is nothing worse on Christmas Day then rushing out to try to find batteries for a disappointed child.

I learned either don’t give gifts requiring batteries or include the batteries. However, batteries got to be very expensive when everything required them.

This year the only disappointment was no snow so it didn’t look like Christmas so no one wanted to drive around looking at lights.

Then of course every year some family member is having person struggles to over come and all you can do is be supportive of them and share the love of the family.

Somehow with all the hustle, bustle, and worrying about the day you manage to get through another Christmas.

We had an extra Turkey in the freezer and at the last-minute my sons friend called and said I need your turkey we didn’t get one. So even at the last-minute you can be there to help out a friend in need.

Christmas carols shared the love of Christ and his birthday. Animated shows on television entertained children.

The pets may have been a little confused but they survived the day.

So through laughter, joy, sweat and tears, Christmas is over for another year.

Now everyone has over eaten and they will make New Years Resolutions about dieting, changing life habits, and saying next year I have to cut back. But they will enjoy it next year the same as they did this year.

Family traditions, holiday customs, religious beliefs, and family love all wrapped up into one Special day to remind us of what we should be living each and everyday.

Now as I look out my wind I miss the colors of spring, the beauty of fall, and white of winter, but I am glad that we had safe roads and weather for travel.

I hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas and that all of you found safe travel, good memories, and shared family love.

For those who have recently lost a loved one and it was your first Christmas without them may you find peace in your heart.

I wish all of you many blessings as we approach the New Year. May everyone end the year 2011 safely and have closer.

God Bless you all until next time 🙂


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