December 27th

New Years Resolutions

It is time for planning what we will change for the next year and those silly resolutions that we make every year knowing we can’t keep them. Most of us don’t follow through because we don’t make realistic resolutions in the first place.

Why? Is it because we don’t care? Is it because we don’t try? NO! It’s because we don’t know how to make the right resolutions in the first place.

Everyone talks about, dieting, exercising, and finances for resolutions but the truth is they would already be doing it if they knew what to do.

Here are a few important tips to follow throughout the up coming year that everyone can follow.

First: Set goals that you can achieve

Second: Put those goals on a piece of paper on a mirror, on your refrigerator, on a place where you can read them in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

Third: Check them off as you accomplish them

Fourth: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things

Fifth: Have a small reward when you’ve accomplished something

Sixth: Share it with a friend

Seventh: Recognize baby steps

Eighth: Realize that roadblocks lead to success

Ninth: Don’t give up Keep Pursuing your Goal.

Tenth: Start a new list when you have accomplished what you started.

Now how do I set these goals?

Now break them into four categories.

1. Home:

Where do I want to live? A House or an Apartment?

How much am I willing to pay?

Do I need more room or do I down size?

Do I want a garage?

Then write out what your goal is for example:

a)I plan to own my own home and live in Montana on XXX amount of Dollars.

b) I am going to get rid of all unnecessary clutter and downsize to simplify my life.

c) I am going to redecorate the living room, etc

2. Employment

Are you going to find work? Change jobs? Retire? Start your own business? Stay where you are?


a) I am going to retire

b) I am going to work from home

c) I am going stay where I am but I am going to change my attitude and be more positive

d) I am going to find a new job

3 . Personal

What do you do for yourself?

Do you belong to an organization or a church? Do you exercise? Do you go out with friends? Do you take time to enjoy things you like? How about taking a class and learning something new? What about changing fashions, hair style and looks?


a) I am going to exercise everyday at 7:00 pm for 20 minutes.

b) I am going to get a new hairstyle

c) I am going to take a computer class

d) I am going to go to Church every Wednesday night.

e) I am going to start a hobby on photography or take a cooking class, etc.

f) I am going to take an hour a day for quiet time for me to relax, enjoy music, read and be at peace with the world.

g) plan a vacation

4. Community

How are you going to be involved in the community you live in? This is extra besides work. It is an activity that can make you not only feel successful but makes you feel accepted and like you are contributing in your own environment.

a) I will volunteer at the food bank once a week

b) I will go to the nursing home and read or sing, play a musical instrument once a week.

c) I will be active in Church weekly

d) I will participate in a non-profit organization

e) I will volunteer to be a reader at the schools

f) I will help with monthly community activities and meetings

g) I will participate with the community sports activities

h) Participate in a neighborhood watch group

Now that you have set your four goals. Follow them change them and update them as frequently as you need to. However, what is important is that they are in writing and that you see yourself checking them off and updating them so you have a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t set goals that are the same as your friends. You are different people and you won’t follow through. Do this individually and make it very personal.

People who set three-year goals find themselves meeting them and accomplishing them whether it is to take a family vacation or relocate to another area.

Every change affects finances so it can’t be over night. Those who learn to plan and stick to their plan not only are successful but find themselves much happier people.

Fashion and attitude are an important part of change.

The better you look the better you feel. Get up in the mornings, shower, dress up and greet the day like it is special.

Treat yourself to luxuries. Don’t buy the cheapest shampoo, soap, body sprays, cologne. Your body deserves better. When you believe that you will do better.

If you want to be classy then act classy. Get a fun hair style, fun clothes, and do something fun.

Everyone has to have entertainment of some kind even on a tight budget.

Take the family out, go for a picnic, a hike, a walk in the park, play in the snow, do something that gets you outside in the fresh air.

A dollar hamburger is affordable for everyone, and can be seen as a special treat when the family does it on occasion not every day.

Remember families who play together stay together. Find the cheapest activities in your area. Don’t be afraid to use the barter system. Maybe you have a skill you can trade for something beneficial.

Don’t whine, and cry over the have not’s no one cares.

Don’t brag let people guess about changes in you.

When people see you positive they will ask and then you can share and help someone else learn how to set goals.

Remember to post pictures of dream goals in visible places. If you want a new house or car cut out a picture and put it where you will look at it everyday.

If you want a new job find a picture of the type of job you would like and post it where you can see it.

If you want to go back to school get catalogs and start applying.

Find a picture of a hobby. Past them all over your house who cares it’s your home and your vision.  Make a dream board where you can place them.

Stop dreaming and take action on your dreams. It’s never to late as long as you are still alive. Get moving on it. If you need help send me a comment I will help you set your goals.

Now you have four days to get those goals written for your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! Set ones that you can accomplish.

Let’s make this the best year every.

Until next time 🙂


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