December 29th

Out with the OLD in with the NEW!!!!

As 2011 comes to an end we look back at the important highlights of the year. We see there were many challenges to over come.

We reflect on our military and it’s struggles, losses and successes. We are happy to see them return home. We morn those who didn’t. We hope the cause was served for the right purposes. Now we get ready for the next stage in our lives.

We also reflect on the many people who married, died , and moved on during the year 2011.

We look at the challenges our country has faced over economy, publicity, military struggles, and Wall Street Complications affected by countries around the world.

We hope for a brighter future.

We reflect back on the wonderful people who stepped forward at Christmas time to pass it forward and make the holidays a brighter time for those people whose lives they touched.

We reflect on horrific tragedies that different parts of the world have faced due to mother nature. Now we look at the unusual seasonal effects and wonder what will come. Some areas have been hit hard with blizzards while others have no snow with no signs of it in the near future.

Ski resorts are hurting during their busiest season. What will the year 2012 bring to this already hurting economy?

Now just as we had hoped things would brighten with troops returning home Iran has roared like the king of the jungle. Will we have difficulty importing gasoline into the United States? Will we have to pay such outrageous prices at the pump that no one can go anywhere? How will that affect those who already are jobless and have no money to search for jobs?

Has the hope of the New Year being a better year already been dwindled?

Will more people be faced with loosing property, homes, cars, and turning to the streets?

Will more people be going without food, and heat?

Just at a time when Intermountain gas company made an announcement to give a utility break how will they be affected now?

What about one of the oldest retail stores closing many doors? Did you ever think you would see Sears go out of business. I didn’t but when it happened in my hometown some years ago it hurt everyone. You don’t know how bad you are affected until it happens.
What about those Sears workers who didn’t know their jobs were in jeopardy until after the spending of Christmas. Do you think that helped them? Now they have to life with what they might have done differently had they known they were going to be out of work?

Why don’t we push out the foreign stores first? The ones who undercut the economy of our country.

What about mad in the USA? Did that help our economy this season?

2011 has been a year of the unexpected. It is time for some stabilization in our country but do you think that will happen in 2013?

Are you superstitious? Do you think the number 13 will have an impact on the roller coaster ride that we could be in store for?

What can you do to make it easier in your own part of the world?

Here are some helpful hints:

1. Set realistic goals

2. Cut back on luxuries

3. Plan ahead

4. Stock up on food when on sale

5. Have a nest egg instead of going out spending money

6. Families living together helping expenses

7. Don’t pay someone to do what you can do yourself

8. Pick up extra odd jobs when possible

9. Eat at home

10. Cut back on electronic entertainment enjoy family time

11. Help Neighbors out

12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but pass it forward when you can

Times are only going to get tougher. It is time that we prepare ourselves for that.

Recognize that somethings are a privilege.

1. Eduction is a privilege

2. Jobs are a privilege

3. Income is a necessity

4. Luxuries aren’t a necessity

5. Shelter, food, clothing, heat are necessities.

6. Entertainment is a luxury

Know the difference between privileges, necessities, and luxuries. Make a list and separate them accordingly. Cut back on anything that isn’t a necessity.

Find a group that you can participate in that has similar beliefs and doesn’t cost much. It will give you the support you need in times when things seem difficult.


life is what you make of it.  You have to take the bad with the good so that you are more experienced and understand life .

Now as you approach the NEW YEAR may you be blessed in the future. Keep the faith and help your neighbor.

We always manage to bounce back so as you reflect on the past, and the present and think about the future have positive goals that you can strive for no matter what.

Remember baby steps are sometimes the most important ones.


until next time 🙂


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