December 30th

The most dangerous weekend of the year:

This is the weekend when everyone needs to plan carefully and be responsible.

This is the weekend when people want to celebrate the ending of the year and the starting of New Year’s.

However, with New Year’s falling on a Sunday the parting will start tonight on Friday and go all weekend.

It will bring out the worst in people not the best.

The lonely hearts will be looking for a place to go and this will lead to the bars, drinking and driving and who knows what.

The young and inexperience will want to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

Those who haven’t been out in years and are finally given a chance for an

evening to themselves aren’t going to know where to go.

No matter which category most of those on the roads at night will be drunk.

This is a good time to have friends over, play cards, have a movie night, pop popcorn and doing something that doesn’t require drinking.

If you have to celebrate with spirits make sure that designated drivers are assigned and that there is a limit. Don’t do endless drinking until people are falling hurting themselves.

Three day bashes aren’t good for anyone and that isn’t how you want to start the NEW YEAR!


Take time to reflect on the good and the bad of the past year. Look forward to changes in the upcoming year no matter how difficult.

Take time to be with family, and trusted friends.

Take time for yourself and forget about work.

Take time to enjoy nature.

Do something you love to do that makes you feel good. After all ringing in the New is also about the New You!

Change your looks, go somewhere you haven’t been before. Stay at a resort, dude ranch or spa.

Spend money on yourself for a change and think about you.

Pamper yourself with bubble baths, jewelry and those special colognes.

Have a massage and let your worries drift away.

Whatever you do don’t be driving this weekend.

Leave early for your destination and arrive home early. That way you won’t be on the roads when the worst drivers are out.

Avoid any dangerous pitfalls you are aware of in your community.

Celebrity wisdom, the courage to be different, and the ability to stay at home. Enjoy who you are no matter where you are.

Live for tomorrow not for today. Those who love you want you to be around for a while.

Watch the New Year come in on Television celebration with millions of people from the comfort of your front room.


Every year when parties are going on some child in the home overdoses on glasses of alcohol left sitting around.

Don’t let that happen to your child. Keep your children away from alcohol.

Not only is that the beginning of alcoholism but it could be their final moments.

Children are curious and they will taste anything adults have even if they don’t like it.

Supervise your young ones.

Most important of all have a safe weekend. Keep your family safe and be around for the year 2012.

until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I might go somewhere in the daytime, but not on New Years Eve. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Cliff,

    This is a weekend when I advise my family to stay at home at be at peace with themselves.

    With the New Year falling on Sunday it’s a three day binge around here even daytime driving is risky.

    I’ll be at home comfortable and warm.
    Happy New Year my friend

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