I find myself like every year writing the wrong date and loosing a day somewhere along the way. I thought yesterday was Tuesday. I think it all started with New Years Eve celebration and sleeping on New Years Day thus thinking I was a day ahead of myself. Now I am totally confused and having to get back on track.

It always messed me up when we didn’t start back to school on Monday and this year many people had Monday off as a three-day weekend. So now where are we really in this NEW YEAR of beginnings.

Then of course there is always the problem of writing the wrong year. How many of you find that in February you are still writing last years date?

I decide to heck with this mess so for the remainder of the week I am just going to write the year and hope I can get it straight.

My son called me yesterday in the middle of the day and I said, “What’s up.” He replied,” Nothing just doing some laundry and house work.” I asked, “Did you take a day of work, He replied, “Mom it’s Monday.” That being his normal day off he should be at home. That started clarifying with me I’d been off track all day.

So today I hope he’s at work where he should be, I’m at home where I should be and hopefully the rest off the world is where they should be.

I guess I got ahead of myself for once in my life making needed phone calls with no answers leaving messages for people to respond. I suppose I will hear from them all at once.

They say it’s hard changing daylight savings time but I find it harder going from holidays back to normal routine.

I’m not really sure what “NORMAL” is any more. The seasons aren’t acting right and people aren’t the way I was when I grew up. Life has changed so much that you aren’t sure whose rules of society you should be following.

Manners aren’t taught like they use to be but are still used in certain places by some people.

Yet work places seem to have the worst manners with the worst work environments.

If I am going to spend the majority of my day there dealing with flexibility, changes, and stress I’d at least like a pleasant “Hello, Thank You,” and does it kill people to smile this day and age?

Whatever happened to helping out our co-worker so you can get the work done faster? It seems like there is always one person who is taken advantage of for being a helping hand.

I think year-end bonuses should be given to everyone based on productivity, attitude, and cooperation.

What’s with the turkey bonuses at the end of the year. By the time they hand them out you already have bought yours and now you have another one usually smoked to put in your freezer.

Personally cash bonuses or gift cards would be a much better idea right now the way the economy is. You never know where the needs of your employers are. Gas cards are always a good deal.

Then there’s those who have never gotten a bonus in their life. They are called social servants. You work for the public, paid by the public and that’s how it goes.

Having been a teacher for forty years I never ever saw an end of the year bonus.  Yes, we would receive much appreciated cards and a few gifts from students but it wasn’t the same as a working bonus.

However, in all honest I would prefer to see end of the year bonuses dropped if it would help the economy. Lower the retail prices and save everyone across the board.

I think that some of the changes our country needs to be making right now is to look at what affects the majority of the people not a few.

If I were to be president of the United States these are the changes I would start with.

1. Follow the original constitution

2. Return Medicaid/Social Security to their own accounts not part of the general budget

3. Limit the time Health and Welfare recipients could receive benefits

4. Upgrade the cost of living qualifications for assistance

5. Subsidize a budget for gas vouchers so people can find work

6. Only Citizens of the United States would be able to receive assistance

7. Deport all illegal immigrants who commit crimes and fine their countries every time they are caught back in the US.

8.  Reduce comfort of prisons and limit spending  so that no one wanted to be there including no visitations from minor children.  (That’s a poor role model for the children)

9.  Give extra funding to business who promote jobs to benefit communities

10. Cut financial support for countries not improving their situation or trying to improve.

There is a saying that you first must “Clean your own Home,” before you can tell someone else how to clean theirs.

We need to be a role model for other countries and right now we aren’t.

This is a new year and it is time to make some very important changes in our country.

It means everyone needs to change their priorities and “Put their Own House in Order before it’s too Late!”

If I were president there would be a complete rebuilding of the education system.

If I were president there would be an accounting of every dollar spent on military use.

If I was president nothing would be allowed to be wasted or left behind.

Tax payers pay good money for the items that our programs use and they need to know what is happening with their dollars.

If I was president every child would own a book and be able to read it.

Well that’s enough for my thinking about president. I am off track and need to get back to the New Year.

It is sunny and chilly. The weather is warming up but no sign off snow. The season is crazy. I fear that if we don’t get moisture summer will bring a drought.

Nothing anymore is normal.

I shall try to put some normality into my weekly schedule now that the holidays are past.

I will get on a better blog track.

I will go back to writing everyday.

I will begin a new activity schedule to assist with the health of my body.

I will plan monthly family activities.

I will practice my religious beliefs.

I will put my destiny in the hands of the Lord.

I will ask him for guidance in my everyday life, my writing, my health, my family, and my nurturing.

It is a New Year and time for a New me. I hope everyone is ready for that.

Well until next time:)


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