Wed Jan 4th 2012

Fact of the Day:  Alligators can go up to three years without eating. How’s that for a new years diet?

January is the beginning of new happenings for a New Year.

How about learning new facts to sharpen the mind.

Trivia Pursuit is a great way to do that. You can play Trivia pursuit games both online and off-line.

Facebook has the Trivia Question of the day for its fans. This helps to keep the mind alert and have fun at the same time.

You can also become more aware of what is going on in the News and of course now we are gearing for the Presidential election. Get to know the candidates. Know what programs the are going to cut and what programs they are going to back.

Learn about the programs that are important and affect your own community. Not all communities are the same and unfortunately Congress doesn’t always recognize the moral rural areas even though they have representatives. That is because the are out numbered by metropolitan areas.

Yesterday there was a panel on television that I found very interesting on Homeless children. They met before the subcommittee that is addressing this issue. However, the problem being there was no representation from rural Western States.

We do not have the same programs offered that the MidWestern and Eastern States have.

We do not have Missions for children. I have never heard of the coalition for homeless children. The programs we have are geared specifically for Domestic violence families.

Then they talked about the responsibilities of schools and the difference between definitions of what is homeless.

First we do need the same definitions federally to talk the same language.

Second if you want the schools more involved stop tying their hands. They asked about school counselors. The school counselors are buried so deep in paper work they have limited time to meet and counsel students. However, most rural schools are very good at taking care of their own and do food baskets, clothing drives, etc over the holidays.

Third when they say it takes a community to raise a child they are right. However, where they are wrong is in eliminating neighborhood programs.

Neighborhoods  that stay together, play together, fight together, grow up together, go to school together, look out together.

We need the neighborhood schools back, neighborhood stores, and neighborhood watches.

When those were eliminated neighbors stopped being neighbors and it became easier for strangers to move in and not know who was living in your neighborhood around your children.

Growing up in a very strong neighborhood as a child I remember parents yelling at each others kids. Neighbors helped with parenting and it wasn’t expected. That’s just how it was. Kids respected the adults and you knew if you were in trouble you’d better get on home.

Parents who are struggling in this economy need help and that’s where Health and Welfare comes in but whatever happened to surprise home visits to see if the children were safe and actually living there.

Cut backs stop visitations, no has been held accountable and frequently other family members are living there.

Some families are receiving money for people who don’t live there.

What about the run aways who have to get out for their own well-being. How are their parents held accountable for the destruction and finances for their child.

Our Children are our most precious commodity of our nation. They represent our future.

We need to protect them, educate them, feed the spirit, heart, mind and soul.

We as adults are the soldiers that guard the kingdom to our children. If one child falls then our guards have failed.

It is time that everyone knows more about the programs in your area and helps to make them stronger. Learn about state laws and push for better programs.

Make this month the month for the Children.

Until next time 🙂



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