January 5th

National Bird day

If you want to have a fun activity for your children.

Make a pine cone bird feeder today.

It takes about twenty minutes, children love it and so will the birds. It’s easy to do and then you can hang it in the yard in your trees.

What you will need:

Large Pine cone

Peanut Butter


butter knife

Paper plate

ribbon or yarn


(optional suet)

How to Make it:

First cut your ribbon or scissors allowing a good three inches down.

Second tie a knot  in your ribbon around the pine cone about three sections down.

Third tie a know in the end of the ribbon for hanging purpose

Fourth put a large clump of peanut butter on your paper plate using a butter knife.

Fifth Use the knife to spread the peanut butter all over the pine cone covering it completely.

Sixth Sprinkle the pine cone with bird seed

Seventh Roll the pine cone in bird seed on the paper plate

Eighth Hang the pine cone in the trees

ninth watch the birds enjoy eating their treat.

(optional suet can be gotten from a butcher you heat it and mix in the peanut butter with it when it is hot and liquified then mix a cup of bird seed in it. Allowing it to cool enough for children to handle scooping it onto the cone – birds love suet but it is not necessary).

IT is important to place the cones high enough in the trees that the cats will not be able to reach the birds when they come to eat.

This is a fun activity for all ages and it helps the birds.

This morning as I was woke up early by my cats racing through the house and using my body as a trampoline I got up to see the sunrise. Not a happy camper over the disruption of my sleep.

However, I got up and proceeded to my computer. Looking out my window was a beautiful sky colored with blue, fluffy white clouds, highlighted with red.

I was immediately reminded of my mother who always use to say “Red in morning Shepard’s warning.” I then text my youngest son to greet him for the morning knowing he would be up getting ready for work.

After several texts back and forth I knew he had left for work and I began working on the computer catching up on things I had ignored.

Then as I was sitting looking up my recipe for the bird feeders suddenly the birds began to sing and I was reminded of a nice summers day. How odd.

Here it is January 5th and it is like fall outside. There is no snow or sign of any coming our way. The birds are signing and the sun is shining.

Mind you I am not complaining however, it makes you wonder have our seasons turned themselves around.? Will we have moisture for the planting season and the harvest for the farmers; or will they also have to learn to adjust their work seasons?

The world is becoming a strange place with many unknown variables to live with. Seasons use to be predictable and now nothing in life is predictable except for the fact that everything and everyone is unpredictable.

How has this affected everyday stress in our life? It seems to me that life is much easier when it is simplified with predictability.

My son and I were discussing this the other day. When I was growing up the routine at home was predictable.

Mom was up at 5:00 am every morning. She cooked two fried eggs once easy over with toast and coffee for my father and he read the newspaper. No one bothered him when he was reading. She knew that was expected. My sister and I could have eggs once in a while, cereal and toast or an orange with toast and milk. I didn’t like breakfast, and have a low tolerance for milk so I would usually get away with graham crackers, oranges and tea.

Mother made lunches and everyone had a sandwich, an apple and whatever baking she had done, usually cookies.

Dinner was on the table at 5:00 pm without excuses unless there was an emergency. My father had been a cook in the army and when he came home put his foot down about what he would and would not eat. No casseroles, he expected meat and potatoes, Saturday was steak night no matter what.

Dinner time was family time and we all ate in the kitchen together; that was sharing time. There was no television until after dinner and the dishes were done.

Dad always got the easy chair and since there were only two stations he had control of the television and no one argued.

We did our homework at the kitchen table unless we needed help then we could go into the front room where mom would be sewing and dad relaxing.

Bedtime was 9:00 on school nights. Dad and mom went to bed at 10:30 after the 10 o’clock news and that was it.

Even the dog new her place. She slept in her box in the kitchen and ate from her dishes and never begged for food when we were eating.

We weren’t allowed to talk on the phone for more than ten minutes and then only if it was important. It usually was for homework assignments or to make ride arrangements for an activity.

When we got older boys weren’t allowed to honk when they picked us up for a date they had to come to the door and meet dad first or we didn’t go. If they sat outside honking we didn’t get to go. Curfew on a date was midnight and not one minute after. If you were late you were grounded for a month.

If you sat in front of the house in the car too long the front porch light would be turned on and you knew you’d better go in. No sitting out there making the neighbors wonder what you were doing.

Now times are very different.

No one wants to fix breakfast in the morning, everyone is having to grab a breakfast mcmuffin or burritos on their way to work. They don’t get lunches packed and at work half the time there are no lunch breaks. When they go home your lucky if anyone is even at home and who knows when you will get dinner unless you fix it yourself. In the area we live in most of the men are better cooks than the women but heaven forbid anyone have to make anything from scratch because everyone is so used to packages even though they can’t always read the directions.

No one sits down to eat together. Sleep routines aren’t the same in a household. People are coming and going all times of the day and night.

Homework is done while watching television, or listening to loud music or not done at all.

If you punish your child you are an abusive parent so parents don’t ground, spank or do anything that puts them at risk.

Parents no longer can help with homework because it has become to technical that they don’t have the back ground to help their children.

Families now are no longer families doing things together and don’t know how to have personal relationships.

People are become isolated by technology.

Phones are ringing twenty-four hours a day or texting is ringing. At what point can you go home and say this is what is expected?

I want some order in my life? I want some simplicity from chaos?

We knew at home that the phone only rang after ten o’clock at night if there was an emergency. Now no one answers the phone because they get tired of it ringing so how do you know if there is an emergency?

Whatever happened to plan old common sense, manners, respect, and honor they spouse and parents.

Heaven forbid if elders expect to be respected by youth of today. That went out the door a long time ago.

Yet we turn to people like Dr. Phil and say why did my relationship go wrong?

Hello! Where were you in that relationship? Did you ever fix a meal, do laundry, clean house, repair anything that went wrong, work or provide for your family in any way or were you the socialite being to busy working about yourself and your needs.

It doesn’t matter if we have woman’s lib and equal rights or not there are still somethings that should be expected at home.

Meals on time.

Families sitting down together.

betimes regular.

Activities agreed on and scheduled.

Limited extend family interruptions.

Animals in their places.

Laundry done.

House cleaned.

Bills paid.

Routine followed.

So now that I have aired that rant for the day. I hope that all of you out there have a better 2012 by putting your home in order. Knowing what is truly important to you and your life and protecting it.

Don’t take the little things for granted they are the things you will miss the most if you lose them.

Get up and cook someone breakfast, fix them coffee.

Call them on your lunch break and say hello.

Go home expecting to see a smile at the door.

If you find yourself not wanting to go home from a day of work then something is wrong. Look at your life and change it. You should want to rush out of work and hurry home.

Love , Live and enjoy everyday of life.

I started this morning Loving the day and I will continue enjoying the day.

I had my two pieces of cinnamon toast for breakfast, which I enjoy.

I wrote my article on coping with disabilities, and now I have done today’s blog.
It is already afternoon and time to think about the afternoon schedule. Now the cats are sleeping I should wake them up so they aren’t up all night again.

I will end my day chatting with my sons, putting the cats to bed and looking at the stars. Life is good.

So until next time 🙂


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