January 6th

Bean Day:

The historic event of Bean Day began in 1909.

This day began when Higinio Gonzales and his crew cooked up a pot of beans in wash boilers behind the school-house for what was then called the “Mora County Farmers Harvest Jubilee”.

The following year, the name “Bean Day” was born .

This was a day to honor the crop that was once  the staple of the local farming community.

Wagon Mound was a major center for the production of pinto beans back then.

Although few pinto beans are now grown in this area  the tradition continues .

It has become an enjoyable family oriented celebration.

The event kicks off Friday evening at the Wagon Mound Firehouse with a bean-cleaning party.

Cleaning beans means you have to remove rocks and dirt from the dried beans that have been brought in down from Colorado.

Then 300 lbs. of beans and 800 lbs. of meat are cooked under the ground in a pit that has been dug at the rodeo grounds.

The pit is filled with wood and charcoal and burned all afternoon.

At dusk, the beef and beans are placed in the pit, supports and metal are placed over the pit and covered with dirt.

In the morning, the pit is uncovered.

Then the temperature of the meat is checked.

Once everything is given an okay the feast unearthed is taken to the village park for a free giant outdoor meal of 1500 or more meals.

So if you are in the area of Wagon Mound hurry down and celebrate bean day.

If not you can celebrate your own bean day at home by putting on a pot of pinto or your favorite beans cooking them all day letting the aroma fill your house.

Then your family can sit down and celebrate bean day at the dinner table or if the weather allows a picnic in the yard with barbecued hot dogs, hamburgers or whatever else you want with your beans.

For those little tikes treat them today with their favorite candy bean and make it a fun bean day.

There are man fun bean games that can be played from bingo to bean races check them out online under bean day activities.

Remember to thank the farmers for their hard work.

Although we don’t celebrate it in our area we do have the Kelly Bean Plant where they harvest beans every year and I watch the fork lifts go in and out in and out. This area we don’t talk a lot about the beans since we are mainly potatoes and sugar beets but beans are a part of the farming culture.

Most cultures have special bean recipes that they use and of course beans are recognized as a high source of protein.

Bean soups are very common with many from ham n bean to chili bean soups.

There are so many different ways beans can be used.

It is important to get children used to eating beans when they are young so that they understand the importance of beans.

How well people like beans is determined on the exposure to eating beans and on good recipes. For more about recipes go online and look under favorite bean recipes.

Well I’m not sure what my family will be eating today but sorry to say it won’t be beans.

However, today is a lovely day with the sun shining another fall looking day.

My sister called from Montana last night and although I was glad to hear from her she brought bad news. Her brother-in-law had passed away from a blood clot post surgery complication. He was only in his forties. Another sign that you never know when your time is up.

My sister now being the oldest in my family this puts her into a depression state as she realizes she is running out of time to finish what she wants to do. I keep reassuring her that she will probably out live the rest of us but that is of no help.

I feel that it is important early in one’s life to determine their comfort zone with death. If you fear death it is going to be difficult every time someone you know dies. If you feel like the grim reaper is at your door constantly you can’t enjoy today.

I learned through my faith early on that I do not fear dying. I know when it is my time the Lord will be at my side and I will go with him.

But how does one prepare another for those fears? You don’t. Each individual must find their own comfort in faith.

I found mine when my grandmother died. It was then that I realized loved ones must go ahead to prepare the way for the rest of us. Since, then I have been fine with it.

It doesn’t matter what your believes are as long as you have faith in something.

It is that faith that gets us through tough times, depression, and the start of a new day.

I know that I will need to call my sister frequently now to keep her out of her depression and get her mind focused on other things. That’s what family does.

I have learned to accept what life deals out and once you do that it is much easier.

I can’t worry about what I can’t control. I would drive myself insane.

So for today the biggest worries I will have is what to eat today. Whose going to call? Will the cats let me sleep tonight? What do I want to write on my blog?

When will I get my self back into writing mode for another book?

I can’t solve the worlds problem so I will try not to be part of the problem. I will take care of what needs to be taken care of on a smaller scale. If everyone would do their part in that we wouldn’t have to worry about economy.

I won’t buy needless things, or squander. I will prioritize my life and life simple but comfortable and happy.

I will do something I like to do each day and try to put a smile on my face.

I will pass it forward when possible.

I will take this afternoon to look at my New Year’s Goals and set a plan of action for myself to follow.

It is Friday and I have survived the first week of the New Year. The hardest week of the year to get through after holiday food, let down and exhaustion.

Now I am ready to move forward into my normal life and enjoy the year 2012.

May it be a better year.

With that thought I will leave you now.

Until next time 🙂



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