January 7th

Old Rock Day

History: No one really knows when it started but it is a day for going outdoors and exploring rocks and fossils. There are many activities that can take place around this day for all ages.  You can start by going into your own backyard and exploring your favorite looking rocks.

Take a field trip in search of old fossils ( the rock kind of course) or just play with old rocks.

This is a great time to go to the library and check out a book on geology and find out what types of rocks are known to be in your local area.

If you have a local rock mine in your area such as the Sapphire mines that let you buy a bucket and sift through them it’s another wonderful experience.

Having grown up in a mining town I lived on a mine dump and climbed the mine rocks on a regular basis. Every time I went to the mine hill I found the sparkliest rock I could find and brought it home. Trying to find the largest rock I could carry was a challenge at times.

My mother always had me put my precious rocks in the basement as there wasn’t room in the house.

When I was older my high school sweetheart and his family belonged to the gem club so we attended gem shows and went to their local area digs. I learned about digging for crystals, and arrowheads. Although you can no longer keep the arrowheads that was a precious memory of mine.

Their neighbor had a rock tumbler which is used to smooth the gems before cutting. He then took the tumbled rocks and cut them into a variety of shapes and put them into selected settings.

I learned a lot about rocks and it all was interesting.

Later on when my own boys were in scouts I was able to help them with their geology badges.

Now that they are men they have developed a curiosity for the rocks that are in our local area.

The one thing about rocks is that there are plenty of them and they all are different and have a story of their own.

In college our Geology class took a field trip looking for fossils , which in reality are harder to find but very interesting. We were able to find plants, animals, and a variety of unknown markings fossilized along with petrified wood, which I found to be fascinating.

Rocks have been used throughout time for decorating, building, making jewelry, trading, etc.

I find it hard to understand why Rock Day would fall in the winter months however, there must have been a reason for it although it is unknown.

Reading about rocks would be a very good indoor activity on a day when you can’t explore the outdoors.

Today the weather here is gray and damp and not a good day for an outdoor activity. However, it is a wonderful day for reading, or exploring information on the internet.

It would be a wonderful day for looking up local areas and planning for future outdoor activities when you could attend gem shows in local areas and go to local sites.

It would be a good time to find out if you have a local gem club in your area and when they meet.

It would also be a great time to meet with other friends on Facebook who work with rocks and get helpful information from them.

You can also go online and read about mining and the history of mines and the hard work that went into mining.

Have you ever wondered about those big blocks of granite that ended up in buildings? What about the large marble slabs? Do you have a local shop that makes marble counters? You could visit it.

What about those large slabs of rocks for landscaping? Have you ever wondered where they come from?

How about the engraving on Tombstones? Maybe you’d like to check out that art form.

There is just so much that you could do.

If you have a local college find out if they have a rock and fossil museum. I know in my home town at Montana School of Mines they have the most fascinating museum. You can even order a small collection from them.

Craft activities always take place around rocks.

Children like to paint rocks and make rock animals.

Rocks make wonderful gifts such as paper waits, book ends etc.

Well I think you have a full day  planned if you organize yourself.

Start with information.

Search your sources.

Plan your activities.

Organize times.

Visit local areas.

Make a craft project.

Share with family.

Join a club.

Whatever you do enjoy the pure natural aspect of looking at rocks. Touching, feeling, skipping, and having fun just remember not to trow rocks unless you are skipping them across a lake.

I hope all of you can enjoy ROCK DAY!!!!!

Now to change topics.

This is the after blue time of year when holidays are over and the pace slows down after the hustle and bustle and people often find they don’t know what to do. However, it is also an awareness time when it seems that many families go through the loss of loved ones over the holidays. This is a time for depression and loneliness to set in.

It is very important that we continue to keep in contact with family and friends even though holidays are over. It is important to still make time for what is important in your life, the people you love.

Recently I have been faced with many people around me losing loved ones. I realize as I get older I will know more people who pass on and I can handle that because of my faith. However, for some people they realize that their time is nearing and every time another friend or family member passes on the reality that their days are numbered have set in. It is important to reach out to those loved ones and help them keep seeing the positive of everyday life. Keep them thinking about living not dying.

I am a true believer that you are given a certain amount of time on the earth and when your time is up you leave.

However, for older people it becomes more difficult when they watch younger people around them passing on. This is why it is important to keep faith.

It is important to know that there is a plan and that ones work is not done yet.

It is important to work and live each day to the fullest. What mark will you leave on this earth when you are gone? What will you be remembered for?

I am asking that during the month of January everyone reaches out to someone who has recently lost a loved one and helps them in a positive way. Take them to lunch, invite them to dinner, go to a moving but do something that involves living.

Remember you sow what you reap.

Do to the weather my fingers are aching today so I am going to close with that.

Until next time 🙂


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  1. Geology is interesting. We are having a very mild day here for this time of the year. I picked the habit of visiting the local rivers and seeing the waterfowl. Have a good day!

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