January 8th

National Bubble Bath Day:

Today is national bubble bath day. People have been enjoying public bathing back to the ancient Roman Days. A trip to a Roman bathing are might include a dip in the hot tub (sauna) a brief break and then a cold swim in the pool. Then if you travel to Finland they were known for their Hot finish Sauna’s upon which afterwords they would run outdoors and jump into a snow bank. For the majority of us that would be too extreme however, their theory was it was good for the cardiovascular system.

Many cultures have used public bathing and had the relaxing time of enjoyment with family and friends. Businessmen have used it for taking clients to “The Club,” Relaxing on a hard day of work and then finishing up their business deals of the day afterwards.

No matter where in the world you are you can enjoy today in your own way.

If you would rather have a shower than a bath then at least treat yourself to a good product, good atmosphere, music, and uninterrupted time. Relaxing and forgetting the worries of the day. Allowing the warmth of the water to open up your pores and cleanse your body.

Myself I prefer a hot tub. The hotter the better and the longer the stay the better.

When I was a young child I had the pleasure of learning to take a bath in hot springs where we went camping. Someone had made a tub big enough for a group of people. The women all went together and the men went at their choice.

Frequently the girls would go after a day of swimming and soak in the hot tub. There was nothing more relaxing and resting before going to bed for the evening.

To this day I try to recreate that atmosphere although I still prefer the mineral waters of a hot spring.

I want the peace and quiet from the day. I want to let my mind wander. I want to be able to forget the worries of the day. This is my space and if it becomes invaded I want to start all over again.

However, if I overstay my time I am frequently reminded by my male cat as he begins calling me from outside of the bathroom. I then have to give me a gentle reminder that I soon will be out.

However, I have been known to frequently fall asleep in the bath tub. That is somewhat on the dangerous side so if you have a large tub you want to make sure you don’t do that or have a safety so that you can’t slide down into the water.

Bathing has drastically changed over the years.  Up until the Late 1940’s It was common for American’s to bathe once a week for hygiene purposes. It was common for most to bathe on Saturday night therefore being clean for Sunday morning Church. Then the rest of the week you washed your hands and faced good and hoped you didn’t get too dirty. Although living in a very cold climate there were times my mother had us take a bath so as not to get a chill and end up sick but they were few and far between. Most of the time they were after a day of ice skating and we needed to thaw out.

Today it has become customary to bath or shower on a daily basis. Students going to school unbathed or shower find themselves highly ridiculed by their peers. It doesn’t take long for the schools to find out who is living without water and look into the home environment.

Bathing has become a status of luxury, a need for stress reduction, good health, cleanliness and a quiet time for oneself.

The best thing about National Bubble Bath Day is it can be enjoyed by all ages. Just plan your day so that everyone has adequate time to enjoy without being rushed. My son and I always take ours at different times of the day therefore not interfering with each other.

Relaxing in your bath be sure to enjoy candles, music,  a good book to read, new bath products, a good tasting chocolate, your favorite drink, and be sure to have an extra towel to roll to put behind your neck while you sit and bask in the wonderful comfort of your tub.

Whatever you do today make sure that you make today a National relaxing day.

I found that on occasions I have to sleep in when  I have been overstressed. Today was one of those days. So my day will be starting later. However, I started the day relaxed so I will end the day with my Bubble bath and be very relaxed for the night.

HELPFUL HINT! Drink a glass of water before bathing and it lower’s your blood pressure. I don’t know why but it is worth the glass of water.

Well it seems both of my cats are now in the relaxed state and I’m sure they would not appreciate it if I gave them a bubble bath today so I guess I will have to leave them alone while they sleep. However, I am going to play hard with them before my bath and tire them out for the night.

Today is another fall day outside. The sky is blue, the air is calm and it is in the upper 30’s.  It is supposed to be like that until Thursday.

It is a good day to go visit friends and family.

But for now I am going to relax and think about the days activities, wishing everyone happy Bubbles for the day.

until next time 🙂


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