January 9th

National Static Day

National Apricot Day


You can start the day off with a science experiment learning about the electricity and how your hair becomes static.

This is a wonderful science experiment for children and a good indoor activity.

You will need a balloon, a string, an acrylic sock and friends. Rub the balloon with the acrylic sock and then rub your head against the balloon and watch and see what happens to your hair.

IT could also be known as a bad hair day.

When you have tired of your fun playing with balloons and static you may find you need a snack for the day.

It is National Apricot day. No one knows why this day was declared that but it’s a good time for a nutritional snack. If you live in an area where apricots are out of season you having many options such as dried fruit, apricot jam, or preserves, or apricot juice.

Apricots is one of our healthy fruits that has been used in the battle against cancer.

For more information about apricots have your children look up apricots on the internet and see how many uses they can find and all the wonderful details about apricots.

I am not going to spend much time on today’s National days because there are a couple of other stories I wish to talk about.

Winter Roads

This is a time of year when the winter roads are often misjudged and we can frequently go from good roads to horrific roads in a short distance. It is very important that we use common sense and drive according to the road conditions.

Last night before going to bed I had the misfortune of reading about a horrific bus accident outside Missoula, Montana. Being from Montana I am very familiar with the road that the accident happened on. My sister lives in Missoula and I have traveled this road many times. The mountain road follows a river bed and is frequently covered with black ice. The road conditions were bad and the road was so icy that it literally became a skating rink.

A commercial bus carrying passengers to their destinations lost control and rolled over pinning two passengers under the bus. They were alive. Several passengers were ejected and two passengers were killed out of the 23. It was a traumatic experience not only for the passengers but for the emergency crews that had to try to reach them in horrible conditions. Roads being so bad that many emergency personnel had to be taken by others. Then upon transporting them to local hospitals the emergency staff that was well-trained for emergencies worked under unusual conditions completing their jobs with the utmost professionalism.

However, this trauma has affected not only the injured but everyone who came in contact with these people from the first responders to the last responders.

Now all of these people have to deal with the aftermath of this in their own minds, hearts and souls.

The speed limit was 75mph and the bus driver was going 65mph. The bus driver was experienced and had a good driving record. However, the highway patrol is investigating and has stated he was going to fast.

Having driven through many mountain passes in Montana in the winter storms I would caution all to slow down! You need to drive according to the road conditions and if it means crawl. Then you need to crawl. If you can’t handle the conditions then you need to get off the road.

You should never underestimate mother-nature. Heavy vehicles are capable of losing control the same as light vehicles. When this happens not only are you in danger of an accident but there is a risk that emergency personnel will not be able to reach you.

This year the season are very unusual and we need to be very respectful of the conditions of the weather.

Also anytime you are following a road that parallels a river be prepared for the worst.

My prayers go out to all of the people involved int his traumatic accident. I hope that the road conditions will improve and everyone will travel in safety.

Birth of a child

On this day in 1976 I was sitting in my living room wondering if my second child was ever going to be born.

My first child had come two days after his due date and the doctors had assured me the second one would probably be early. That sounded good to me.

However, his due date was January 10th.

My mother had been at the house for a week so that she could watch our first child. She had stated that if that baby didn’t come soon she’d have to go home.

I was depressed as I had been as big as a house since before Christmas and everytime I saw someone they said, “Haven’t you had that baby yet?”

If I sat down I couldn’t get back up without someone helping me and I no longer left the house.

I waddled like a duck when I walked.  The doctor had told me he wasn’t sure if there were twins or not as he could hear an echo.

This was before untra sounds.

I now had a two year old that had learned the meaning of the terrible two’s and the fact that mom couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with him.

I had enjoyed being pregnant and looked forward to the birth of my son but now I was ready to have it over. I was dreading the due date coming and going without a new baby. That had happened to me with the first child and I had been sent home from the hospital empty handed. I didn’t want to go through that again.

I tried to keep positive and focused on finishing his baby afghan that I was making.

Living in Anaconda, Montana we were faced with lots of wind and snow which I tried to ignore.

I had grown irritated with the doctor when the baby didn’t come early and wish that he had never told me that.

Now it was up to the baby. I hated going to the doctors office because my stomache rippled like a tidal wave and everyone sat and watched my stomache moved as the baby was very active.

Oh how I begged for the day to come for my son to be born.

My first born kept asking for his baby and that wasn’t helping because how could a two year old possibly understand what was going on. I spent a lot of time letting him kiss my stomach and sitting down reading children’s stories.

During my entire pregnancy my body had rejected meat and I was so craving for a meat dinner. I would be thankful when once again I could eat meat as I had been raised on meat and potatoes.

Anticipation of a coming baby as exciting as it is can also be a very stressful time for not only husband and wife but for other family members. Sometimes we don’t realize the stress. The baby also is feeling any stress carried by the mother.

This is a time that needs to be happy, stress free and when people need to share kind words.

Sometimes we say hurtful words not realizing how devastating they can be such as ” When is that baby going to get here?”

So once again I went to bed that night sleeping awkardly around my huge belly wondering what the next day would bring.    I new the 10th was the right due date and I wanted my baby.

I also knew that babies are going to come when they are darn well ready to come.

So I left it in the hands of the Lord praying I wouldn’t have to go through another week.

You will have to read my blog tomorrow to find out if my child came on his due date or not.

So until tomorrow:)


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