January 10th

Houseplant Day

Houseplant Appreciation Day was established by the gardeners network to remind people to pitch the poinsettia, which is just a once-a-year annoyance for most people, and return to caring for the houseplants that are with us year-round. This is the time of year when the weather prevents us from working in our gardens. Many people find working on house plants an enjoyable activity during those long winter months. There are even edible plants that can flourish year round indoors.  January is an excellent time to develop your indoor gardening skills especially for those who are in need of a hobby.

Bittersweet Chocolate Day

bittersweet chocolate is a sweetened form of dark chocolate that does not contain milk. According to FDA standards, bittersweet chocolate must contain at least 35 percent chocolate liquor. The more chocolate liquor that’s added, the more intense the bitter flavor of the chocolate. IF you have ever eaten liquor chocolate you will find it very enjoyable. If you have difficulty locating it you can usually find it at specialty shops that carry specialty items from other countries; such as Christmas around the World or Deli’s that specialize in various countries specialties. They can also be ordered online.

Research shows that daily consumption of bittersweet chocolate is actually quite good for you. It contains antioxidant compounds and flavonoids, helps lower blood pressure, and helps protect your heart.

So enjoy your bittersweet chocolate day as you improve your health.

Peculiar People Day

Whatever the reason, Jan. 10 is a holiday to celebrate Peculiar People Day, starting with yourself. Embrace your quirks, any oddities or characteristics that make you truly unique, or even peculiar. Celebrate them.

♥~ 1976  C. W. McCall’s Convoy was the #1 single in the U.S. — on both pop and country charts.  “Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck … You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon? Ah, yeah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure. By golly, it’s clean clear to Flag Town, c’mon. Yeah, that’s a big 10-4 there, Pig Pen, yeah, we definitely got the front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy…”


While the rest of the country was celebrating this music, eating chocolate, enjoying their house plants, and embracing their peculiarities I gave birth to my second son.

Yes! He actually did arrive on his due date. On the eve of his birth about ten o’clock I went and had myself a warm cup of hot spice apple cider which was a huge mistake. Within a half hour of drinking that I started feeling contractions. By Midnight I was phoning the hospital and they told me to come immediately.

I went upstairs to let my mother know I was headed for the hospital. In her sleepy state she replied, “Are you sure this time?” I replied,”Yes.” She went back to sleep.

We arrived at the hospital about 12:30 am as it was close to our home and by 3:30 am I had a beautiful little boy. We named him Michael Glen. His father stayed until I was sleepy and then I thought went home. However, he went out for breakfast and then returned home without announcing the birth of his son.  He went to bed without waking the house up.

I heard the nurse at the desk answer the phone at about 7:00 am and when she replied , “Yes, she had a healthy baby boy.” I knew my mother had called.

It didn’t take long after that for me to start hearing from loved ones and friends.

Finally after a long nine months of waiting I now could go on with my life with my family and now not be that walking blimp anymore. I could get back to standing up on my own and look forward to a meal with meat.

However, my life was to change more than I could have ever imagined it to.

Michael had very bad colic. He would spend his first year awake and crying more than sleeping. This would make it very difficult with a two-year old that learned to take advantage of the situation.

I was alone at home with two babies that needed attention and I was exhausted all the time.

I would just get one to sleep and the other would wake up. I didn’t dare lay down with them cause I would be to sleep first.

That was the longest year of my life.

However, Michael once he out grew that and was eating normal food became “God’s gift!” He has always been a wonderful son. He has his quirks don’t get me wrong all children do however, I was blessed on January 10th and continue to be blessed.

However, to all of you young women out their who want to have babies try not to have them so close to Christmas it just confuses the issue.

The hardest thing about January babies is all the winter bundling and carrying of everything you need. I guess if you lived in a warm climate it wouldn’t matter but we lived in the Rocky Mountains. We lived in Anaconda Montana where the wind howls all the time and it snows a lot.

I didn’t have a lot of time for indoor plants, I had to embrace my peculiar side and I sure wish I would have had a case of those chocolates but I survived it as all mothers do.

So today I celebrate Michael’s birthday. We will be taking him out for dinner as he wants to go out to his favorite place and order breakfast. Imagine that. So tonight as I am enjoying a breakfast/ dinner with both of my sons. I wish a wonderful day to all of you. May the Lord bless you as I have been blessed.

May you stay safe wherever you are.

Remember it is winter and there are many treacherous roads this time of year.

Dress warm if it is cold where you are and enjoy the comforts of home, loved ones and the blessings of family.

Until next time:)


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