January 11th

National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday

Milk Day


January 11th is National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day.

Kids love to step and jump in puddles, but moms, not so much. Have some fun today and go outside and find some puddles to step in. However, when you do this have your play clothes on not your Sunday bests that will make mom just a little happier.

Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh invented a method for making waterproof fabric.In the process of trying to find a use for the waste products of gasworks, he found that coal-tar naphtha dissolved india-rubber. Macintosh painted one side of  the wool cloth with the dissolved rubber. Next he put another layer of wool cloth on top. Thus creating waterproof fabric. This became the birth of the Mackintosh Raincoat,which was thus  named after Charles Macintosh

Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755, in Nevis, Caribbean. He was a United States statesman and leader of the Federalists. Alexander served as the first Secretary of the Treasury and established a federal bank. He was one of America’s first constitutional lawyers, and he wrote most of the Federalist Papers. Alexander Hamilton was wounded in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr and died on July 12, 1804.

At a time when our country is struggling so against each other over the economy and world decisions it makes one wonder what would have caused a statesman and the Vice President to have a duel. Sometimes it is better not to follow ones examples especially in areas of congress.

Hamilton’s picture is also on the $10 bill.  He played an important roll in our countries development and should be remembered for doing so.


Milk was first delivered in bottles on January 11, 1878. California is the top milk producing state in the United States.

Remember the good old days when the milk man dropped of milk at your house in bottles and you could hear them clank. Then as they were brought in there was a cardboard topper placed on top to seal them until you opened them. The cream always rose to the top and you would scoop the cream of getting to the milk.

Then you would place the bottles out for their next pick up so they could be refilled and if you had a change in your order you stuck a note rolled up in the bottle for the milkman to read.

Frequently eggs, butter, and cheese could also be ordered.

Living in a cold climate meant bring in the milk right away before it froze so the bottles wouldn’t crack. I am sure warmer climates had the opposite problem of getting them in before it could sour.

Then there were always the jokes that you grew up with about the milkman visiting women during the day while husbands were at work.

No matter what, or where you lived there were fond memories of bottled milk. The one thing you could usually depend on having at the breakfast table no matter what.

Birthday dinner:

Well as I continue with my story from yesterday.

The weather turned horrible. Snow blew in and then the cold frigged air arrived.

However, we went to dinner as planned and had a wonderful meal. Enjoyed our time as a family eating out which was what my son needed as he had not been out for quite sometime.

Then we cut our goodbyes short in the cold night wind and went our separate ways.

The sad part about January birthdays is the weather is so unpredictable. Now we will continue life as normal until the next birthday in two weeks of my oldest son.

When summer comes we will plan a warm family outing to make up for the cold January months.

January is usually a month full of let down. However, I seem to always be busy with birthdays.

Next it will be tax preparation time and oh how I dislike going through paperwork, waiting for tax forms and hoping that nothing is forgotten or missed.

However, now that I am on social security filing taxes should be much simpler.

So as the long winter days set in and the cats become irritated with not having their windows open and more sleeping we will have to play more games and tire them so they sleep at night.

Hopefully we will get enough moisture to get back on track so that we can have an early spring.  This has become a very unusual season.

We haven’t had snow to jump in let alone puddles to splash in. The only thing that keeps it from being a fall day is the cold in the air.

However, the sun came out bright and shiny today and the sky was beautiful. The roads are clear and what skiff of snow was here is now gone.

Hope for the ski resorts is rapidly fading away. However, the weather report for next week says snow so we will see if there is enough snow or if it is in time to keep the ski lifts going.

So as I wind down from the holidays, birthdays, and taxes I will be preparing to get back in gear for writing. Who knows what direction it will take me now.

I want to thank all of those who have been supportive of me and keep doing so.

until next time 🙂


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