January 13th

Friday the 13th

Make Your Dream Come True Day

Although there has been no recorded information found as to the origin of this day it is a day that should be celebrated by everyone.

Make Your Dream Come True Day gives you the opportunity  think about your goals and dreams. It is an opportunity to teach the young people of today to have Dreams.

Whatever your dreams are, they  don’t come true without effort on your part. Today is the perfect opportunity to do something about it. Most people who accomplish their dreams are people who are willing not to give up no matter what. They keep trying even if it takes them a life time.

The Importance of Your Dream is follow what is in your heart, not someone else’s. Many people will try to steer you away from your dreams . Don’t allow others to influence you to give up on yourself if you truly fill it in your heart and soul.  The things that we have a passion about are the things we should pursue.

Today do something, anything, to move in the direction of achieving your dreams. It doesn’t matter how old you are you can make a dream come true. View today as a time to get started on them.  Make a dream board, post pictures where you can see them of your dream, step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself and everyone else. You will be glad you did because no matter what happens you will be able to say I tried.

Dreaming is important and it seems like our young people have forgotten how to dream and set goals for themselves. However, with the reality shows of American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and many others dreams are starting to be realized.

We need to teach our children how to dream and encourage them. I use to dream about being a concert pianist. Every time I came home from a piano lesson and told my mother that my piano teacher said I had a natural ear for music my mother deflated my ego. She would always say, I wish she wouldn’t tell you those things. My mom was always afraid I’d be disappointed when I didn’t succeed. However the reality of it was she was the one that disappointed me because she didn’t believe in me.

When I went off to college I had a horrible Music teacher who told me I should never play the piano again. I had been playing piano since I was seven years old. I use to sit for six hours at a time and I loved it. I quit lessons then and I never touched the piano for a year afterwords.

I have a degree in Music Education and I had to student teach in it. My supervising teacher didn’t like women in the field and having been jilted at the alter on his wedding day was very much against women in the professional world. He believed all women should be home barefoot and pregnant. Needless to say I had trouble once again and he gave me an incomplete in student teaching.  How do you get an incomplete in teaching?

I fought that with the college and was able to under the supervision of another instructor do six weeks of student teaching at the college campus school to finish up or I wouldn’t have graduated.

Needless to say it turned me away from my music.

My first husband was a band director and teased me all the time about my music which made things worse. I reached the point where I focused all my time and energy into working with disabled students. There no one could tell me what I couldn’t do.

I didn’t have much to do with my music until after my first divorce when I started writing songs. Although I haven’t published them in song version several have been published in my book of poetry “Dreams of Yesterday!”

I have enough years behind me now not to care and not let anyone stop me from doing what I want to do. Finances may play a part but you work around it until you get where you need to go.

Now my Dream has changed to writing and I write everyday. I publish when I can and I’m excited when I sell a book. I never got the chance to play concert pianist or sing on a stage as I had wanted.

But I have played Liberace’s Piano and that’s good enough for me.

My dreams I hold in my heart and now I cherish everyday and I don’t listen to anyone tell me what I can’t do. I have learned that the majority of people in the world have no idea what they are talking about.

Having been a teacher for forty years I have seen the best teachers in the world and the worst teachers in the world. People are people and you will find good and bad everywhere.

My advise to you is dream big, follow your dreams, do what your heart is telling you to do and reach for the stars.

Life is short so enjoy each day and take a moment to stop and smell the roses, look at the mountains, laugh with others and enjoy life’s small attributes.

Friday the 13th

If you’re not scared of Friday the 13th, you should be scared of the word used to describe those who are: friggatriskaidekaphobics. (An alternative, though just as tongue-twisty, word for the fear is “paraskevidekatriaphobia.”)

The fear of Friday the 13th seems fairly new, dating back to the late 1800s. Friday has long been considered an unlucky day (according to Christian tradition, Jesus died on a Friday), and 13 has a long history as an unlucky number.

People who couldn’t explain happenings blamed many things on superstitions as back then there was no scientific proof for the cause. The tendency for religion and superstitions to go hand in hand were very common.

Here, then, are 13 of the most common superstitions.

13. Beginner’s luck
How often have we seen it where a beginner at a game be it cards, a table game, activity game or gambling became the winner. However, this can be attributed to not knowing what to be expected therefore having less stress, or less margin for error. It can also be a statistical happening that someone was bound to win. Therefore it just happened to be the beginner.

Or, like many superstitions, a belief in beginner’s luck might arise because of confirmation bias,in which people are more likely to remember events that fit their worldview. If you believe you’re going to win because you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to remember all the times you were right — and forget the times you ended up in last place. It is much more rewarding to remember being a winner.

12. Find a penny, pick it up …
And all day long, you’ll have good luck.  How many of us grew up with this saying and always picked up that penny we saw laying on the ground. Many people go as far as to never spend their lucky penny found. It has also be referred to in movies such as Grease,  and various songs, etc .

Then of course we come to the older:
 11. Don’t walk under that ladder!

Frankly, this superstition simply good old-fashioned common sense. Who wants to be responsible for stumbling and knocking a carpenter off his perch or causing a paint bucket to fall? But one theory holds that this superstition arises from a Christian belief in the Holy Trinity: Since a ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle, “breaking” that triangle was blasphemous. Thus once again returning us to religious superstition.

Then again, another popular theory is that a fear of walking under a ladder has to do with its resemblance to the medieval gallows. However for most of us we are more comfortable with sticking with the  explanation of safety and common sense.

Now for you animal lovers out there:

10. Black cats crossing your path
As companion animals for humans for thousands of years, cats play all sorts of mythological roles. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered; today, Americans collectively keep more than 81 million cats as pets.

So why keep a black cat out of your path? Most likely, this superstition arises from old beliefs in witches and their animal familiars, which were often said to take the form of domestic animals such as cats. I myself happen to have a black cat that likes to perch himself in the window. You would be amazed at how many people have commented to my son about the fact we have a “Black Cat” in our home.  Mysterious as they are I attribute that to the fact that you can’t always see their reactions unless you are up close to them as you might a cat of lighter colors.

However, I also deem that some of it is due to the personalities of the particular breed of the cat. They definitely have their own personalities and tend to be very smart cats and some what particular.

We often fear what we don’t understand and if we don’t understand their personalities it’s easy to associate it with the black spirit.  However, I find my black cat to be very humorous and full of life. Just don’t wake him up on the wrong side or he’ll let you know it.

Okay how did we get this one?

9. A rabbit’s foot will bring you luck
Talismans and amulets are a time-honored way of fending off evil; consider the crosses and garlic that are supposed to keep those vampires away.  Rabbit feet as talismans may go back to early Celtic tribes in Britain. They may also arise from hoodoo, a form of African-American folk magic and superstition that blends Native American, European and African tradition.

Chances are they started with folk stories after a hunt. Rabbits have been used for food for centuries. How often have we scared a young child by dangling something in front of them and making up a story.  No one knows for sure where this came about. However, it did find its way into the world business where one could make some easy money selling them as a novelty thus stirring the pot of curiosity more.

How many of us have lived with this superstition or is it more fact?

8. Bad luck comes in threes
Remember confirmation bias? The belief that bad luck comes in threes is a classic example. A couple of things go wrong, and believers may start to look for the next bit of bad luck. A lost shoe might be forgotten one day, but seen as the third in a series of bad breaks the next.

However, this seems to be one that people fear the most for example: an appliance breaks down. Worrying about the cost of repairs makes you worry about what will be the next to items to go and bingo it happens. However, could it be that they all were purchased around the same time?

Then of course there is the deaths in the family. One person dies and you wonder if there will be two more.

It is not hard as you become older to know three people whether they be relatives, friends, or co-workers who die. The older you become the more people who are in that age bracket. Keeping in mind in early days people died younger so this was a fearful superstition especially with plagues etc.

Now how have we been affected by this one?

7. Careful with that mirror
According to folklore, breaking a mirror is a surefire way to doom yourself to seven years of bad luck. The superstition seems to arise from the belief that mirrors don’t just reflect your image; they hold bits of your soul. That belief led people in the old days of the American South to cover mirrors in a house when someone died, lest their soul be trapped inside.

Like the number three, the number seven is often associated with luck. Seven years is a long time to be unlucky, which may be why people have come up with counter-measures to free themselves after breaking a mirror. These include touching a piece of the broken mirror to a tombstone or grinding the mirror shards into powder.

However, keep in mind there are just some people who seem to have bad luck all the time. I was once told that if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Now that isn’t always the case. But there are those people who are lucky more than others and those were are unlucky more than others.

Also remember how easy it use to be to break mirrors, and there was no scientific proof that this couldn’t harm you. Many things did happen to people back in the times of plagues, barbarism etc.

6. 66
Three sixes in a row give some people the chills. It’s a superstition that harks back to the Bible. In the Book of Revelation, 666 is given as the number of the “beast,” and is often interpreted as the mark of Satan and a sign of the end of times.

According to State University of New York at Buffalo anthropologist Philips Stevens, the writer of Revelation was writing to persecuted Christians in code, so the numbers and names in the book are contemporary references. Three sixes in a row is probably the numeric equivalent of the Hebrew letters for the first-century Roman Emperor Nero.

However, in today’s world where there is strong emphasis on “The coming of the End of the World” you will find that many people do not want to associate themselves with the three sixes in a row, whether it be an address, phone number, gambling, etc it is still recognized as very bad luck.

How many of us have done this?

5. Knock on wood
This phrase is almost like a verbal talisman, designed to ward off bad luck after tempting fate.

The fixation on wood may come from old myths about good spirits in trees or from an association with the Christian cross. Similar phrases abound in multiple languages, suggesting that the desire not to upset a spiteful universe is very common.

Many people believing that the trees once alive with a spirit of their own continue afterwards to have a spirit of good luck in an object.

Yet how many of us joke about it repeating the phrase yet knocking on objects not made of wood such as our Head?

It is apparently one of the superstitions that has leaned more to the joking side than the believing of superstitions currently.

Frequently as young children we learn to:

4. Make a wish on a wishbone
The tradition of turkey bone tug-of-war goes back a long way. Legend has it that first-century Romans used to fight over dried wishbones. They believed were good luck ., ushering in the idea that whoever has the largest bit of bone gets their wish. Bird bones have always been used in divination throughout history. Frequently they were used with witchdoctors or a supposed soothsayer who would throw the bones then read their patterns to predict the future.

However, it is become less and less of a practice today as many of these old customs are being frowned on by scientific people and felt to be foolish.

What child hasn’t done:

3. Cross your fingers
Those wishing for luck will often cross one finger over another, a gesture that’s said to date back to early Christianity. The story goes that two people used to cross index fingers when making a wish, a symbol of support from a friend to the person making the wish. (Anything associated with the shape of the Christian cross was thought to  be good luck.) The tradition gradually became something people could do on their own; these days, just saying “fingers crossed” is enough to get the message, well, across.

Then of course there was always the crossing of fingers hidden behind your back when you were suppose to be promising you weren’t telling a lie, and that was to uncrossed what you had said as not to bring you bad luck.

The crossing of fingers is a common one with school age children and continues today.

2. No umbrellas inside
And not just because you’ll poke someone’s eye out. Opening an umbrella indoors is supposed to bring bad luck, though the origins of this belief are murky. Legends abound, from a story of an ancient Roman woman who happened to have opened her umbrella moments before her house collapsed to the tale of a British prince who accepted two umbrellas from a visiting king and died within months. Like the “don’t walk under a ladder” superstition, this seems to be a case of a myth arising to keep people from doing something that is slightly dangerous in the first place.

1. Friday the 13th

This is a day that will be viewed by many as superstitiously bad luck.

Those who will think it’s ridiculous there is no such thing as superstitious beliefs and then those like myself.

I have always found myself to be lucky on Friday the 13th.

Growing up while my friends were having bad days I had great days and took on the attitude that Friday the 13th was my lucky day. Maybe because teachers frequently wouldn’t give tests because of superstitions that their students would do poorly.

Maybe because if everyone else was having a bad day then someone in the universe had to have a good day so I played the number game and made it my day.

I really don’t know.

I think it is fun to read about superstitions however, I certainly won’t let them control my life and my attitude towards life.

So as I sit here on Friday the 13th I am reminding you to reach for the stars, dream big and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Learn some history , learn some fun, and try something new.

Now I send you out into the day wishing you happy Friday the 13th.

until next time 🙂


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