January 15th

National Hat Day

National Twitter Day

National hat day is an unofficial fun and wacky holiday that is celebrated on January 15th. The origin of this well-celebrated day is a mystery however, the purpose is clear: wear hats and enjoy the day! There are hundred of styles of hats and headgear to choose from. Whether you prefer to call them hats, turbans, caps, bonnets, hoods, helmets, headdresses, or Berets, there are styles for everyone.

Some of the most famous hats in history include Abraham Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat, Charlie Chaplin’s Bowler hat, Napoleon’s hat, and the huge hat worn by Audrey Hepburn at the races in the 1964 film “My Fair Lady.

Hats use to be worn for every social occasion and it wasn’t considered correct fashion to be seen in public without some sort of hat. Although modern days have changed this and rarely wear hats for formal occasions. Hats have become more of the Wacky, fun, leisure life style in today’s modern fashions. However, the trends still move back and forth depending on the areas you live in.

No matter what today is a good day to enjoy a hat. Pull out an old favorite or go and purchase that new one you’ve been wanting. Dress up in whatever fashion fits your day and enjoy today.

Then move on to National Twitter Day. You can twitter to everyone about your hat, your fun, and how wacky your day really has become.

National Twitter Day ~ January 15th

(Copied repost of article)

By KevinSmtihJr  |  Posted 5 hours ago
Are you on all of the social networks? Facebook, Twitter, Google +? Well January 15th is National Twitter Day. On this day you are to say up the whole day and tweet about anything you can possibly think of and with every tweet Hash – Tag #NTD. The purpose of this day is to show that twitter will be the leading Social Network in all aspects of life. Kevin G. Smith, Jr., is the person behind putting together this wonderful day, he’s the Owner and executive Producer of Kevin Smith Productions, CEO and President of K Magazine, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Kevin Smith Network, and CEO and Founder of Kevin Smith Foundation. Did i mention that he is only 14? Yes, you read right; 14 years old. Also on NTD smith will be discussing some of his upcoming projects that he will be producing in the 2012 year. See you on Twitter.More Info @ http://www.KevinGSmithJr.com
Now that our live style has been taken over social networking, Facebook, twitter, blog and websites, it is a good time to connect with loved ones and friends. Share your day care about people and pass your love one.
No matter what you are doing today should be a fun day. Communicate through fashion, twitters, laughter, and joy.
Here’s to everyone having a happy enjoyable day.
Until next time 🙂

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