January 16th

 Fig Newton Cookie Day

National Hot and Spicy Food Day

National Do Nothing day

National Give Up New Years Resolution Day

Fig Newton Cookie Day

Originally, the Fig Newton was just called the Newton. There is an old rumor that James Henry Mitchell, the funnel machine’s inventor, named the cookies after that great physicis, Sir Issac Newton, but that was not the case.

The cookies were named after the Massachusetts town of Newton, which was close to Kennedy Biscuits.

Kennedy Biscuits had a tradition of naming cookies and crackers after the surrounding towns near Boston.

The name changed from Newton to Fig Newton, after the original fig jam inside received good reviews.

Later the name changed to Fig Newton Cookies.

International Hot & Spicy Food Day

It’s International Hot & Spicy Food Day! Archaeological evidence suggests that people have been using hot spices in their recipes for over 6000 years.
Were you aware that the hottest chili pepper in the world is the Naga Jolokia?On average, one of these peppers is over 170 times spicier than a jalapeno pepper! Want to try that one out?
Throughout the world, there are hundreds of different spices that contribute to the hot tangle of spicy flavored foods.
Hot foods are actually very good for you because of their medicinal and antimicrobial properties.Garlic, chilies, onions, allspice, and oregano all kill bacteria and make food safer to consume.
Many of them have other medicine purposes such as Garlic lowers blood pressure .Onions cure cold and flu as well as help in diabetes.
Every spice has its purpose for more specific information check out Home Health Remedies on-line and type in the specific food you want to know about.To celebrate this holiday, try a few hot peppers or hot sauces with your food today! Guaranteed to open up your sinus cavity.
Do Nothing Day
Although this is not a national holiday, it has been declared a do nothing day.
Therefore no one tells you what to do today. It is a day that you forget about your worries and ares.
You can choose to be carefree and do absolutely nothing. However, make sure first that you check with your schools or your boss to avoid conflict.
Children need to be in agreement with their parents on do nothing day. Then sit back and enjoy the day as you do nothing.
National Give Up New Year Resolution day
Commonly known as blue Monday , the third Monday of the new year  is also refered to as the most depressing day on the calendar.
Now the holidays are over. The reality that resolutions made aren’t being done has set in. Winter has come and it’s a long way off until spring.
People realize the finances are out of control from over spending during the holidays as they now try to get back on track.
Worries about dieting exist after over eating during the holidays. So what to do now.
Make it a fun day. Burn the resolutions. Get back on track plan an activity that is affordable and enjoy life. Take each day as it comes and plan ahead. Maybe now is a good time to start planning and saving for that vacation you want or something special you would like to purchase.
Whatever it is get over the blues, forget the holidays, the New Years Resolutions and move forward.
When that doesn’t work for you enjoy eating cooking spicy food, finish with a Fig Newton Cookie and have a Do Nothing Day.
Whatever you do enjoy the day and don’t sit there feeling blue.
Take a walk, exercise and feel good about your choices for today.
Until next time 🙂

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