January 17th

National Kid Invention Day

National Benjamin Franklin Day

National Whole Wheat Bread Day

National Hot Buttered Rum Day

K.I.D. ( National Kid Invention Day )  Falls on January 17th

WHY? How many things have been invented by KIDS?

Television.  Water skis.  Earmuffs. The Popsicle. 

All were invented by kids!

500,000 children and teens invent gadgets and games each year. Many schools offer special contest or fairs for inventions invented by Kids. Some Kids just like to play with gadgets out of curiosity.  No matter what the means we owe this day to KIDS

These innovations help make our lives easier – and more fun! 

Celebrate the ingenuity and value of young brainstormers on

See the K.I.D. listing in the latest edition of Chase’s Calendar of Events

You Can also go to the Facebook page for K.I.D. and get more information. No matter where you are or what you do give our youth an opportunity to be that inventor today. It just might change your life and everyone else’ s. This should be a day of fun, learning and exploring for everyone. If you can’t finish today continue it throughout the month but at least start the enthusiasm today.

 Benjamin Franklin was born January 17th, 1706. He is credited with advances in the knowledge of electricity but he did many other things.

Benjamin Franklin has been accredited for much of our countries  history and accomplishments over the centuries. Much can be read about him and learned about the different contributions he made not only to the country but to the world.

However, in my opinion his greatest accomplishment was showing children the importance of following their inventive minds, using their curiosity to develop things that they understood that no one else did or had an interest in.

Benjamin Franklin has inspired many a scientists, inventor, and scholar starting at an early age. I remember my first story hearing about him flying the kite and conducting electricity with a mere kite, a key and lightning.

Although I was very afraid of lightning I was amazed not only at the simplicity of the task but the amazing results. It made me look at life differently with an open mind, a natural curiosity and a definite respect for mother nature.

We owe more to Benjamin Franklin than what is printed in history books for he has inspired creativity. He has inspired the foundation of inventors. So as we join today celebrating his birthday and the Kids Invention day let us see where we came from how far we have come and how far we yet to have to go.

There will always be new inventions, and accomplishments. The question is who will be part of it?

Enjoy today invent something with someone no matter who simple or complex just have fun with it.

Celebrate National Wheat Bread Day:

With everything going on today we can’t forget about food. So today is the day for our Wheat Bread.

Wheat bread is made from a combination of white and whole wheat flour. The higher the whole wheat content the more nutritious fiber and vitamins  from that bread.

Breads with a higher wheat flour content not only gives you a feeling of being full longer than white bread; but you will also have a more satisfying flavor. If you make bread using 100 % wheat flour be sure to add a little extra yeast to help your dough rise well.  Wheat bread is a heavier bread because not all of the important fibers and nutrition have not been removed.

There are many recipes for bread. You can go online under Breads or check out National Wheat Day online and see what special recipes they have provided you. Whether you make your own bread, have a bread maker, or just enjoy a good loaf of bread. Enjoy eating Wheat Bread with your meals today.

Hot Buttered Rum Day:

January 17 is National Hot Buttered Rum Day!

Whether you like a little rum with your butter or a little butter with your rum, today is perfect for rum and butter lovers! A few sips, and you’ll feel warm from your head to your toes ; a delight on a cold winters morning.

We’ve been sipping on rum since colonial times in America. Not only was rum found on all shipping vessels but once we started importing molasses from Jamaica, distilleries opened across New England in the 1650s. Adding rum to hot drinks like hot toddiesand egg nog seemed natural , not to mention enjoyable.Thank goodness for that! (That’s the inventive American spirit that has made our country great.) It has also been used for medicinal purposes over the years.

This winter cocktail is exactly what it sounds like: rum, butter, hot water or cider, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a sweetener of some sort. Simmer up some creamy, spicy and sweet hot buttered vanilla rum for a cheery day. Whether it is for a celebration, warming the soul, or a comfort drink sit back and enjoy and reminisce how this brought comfort to our ancestors on a chilly winter’s morn.

Whether you’re snowed in or stuck at work, anytime is a good time for winter cocktails in January.

However, before having at work make sure your boss approves. Tis the time for harsh cold air, breathing bitter chills every where. Have a drink to warm you up. Feeling better laugh it up. Enjoy your day what comes your day and remember how to have a great day.

Until next time 🙂


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