January 24th

Shawn’s Birthday

Thirty – eight years ago today I gave birth to my first child. He was due on the 22nd but decided he wasn’t ready to enter this world yet. They put me in the hospital and tried to induce labor but nothing happened and they sent me home. That was the worst feeling in the world to leave the hospital with a baby.

I lived thirty miles down the road in another town so we decided I would stay at my parents until the baby came. At 6:00 am I returned to the hospital on the 24th. I was in so much pain in my back I could hardly breathe.

They called the doctor and the first thing I heard the nurse say on the phone is by 10:00 o’clock. She returned to me and I asked what was going on. She said, if my water didn’t break by 10:00 the doctor would break it. Guess what it didn’t and he arrived and broke it at 10:00 I’m thinking great now we’re on our way finally. Then he announces if the baby hasn’t arrived by noon he was going hunting and another doctor would deliver. “WHAT?” I spent nine months with this man looking at me from every angle and now he’s going hunting!!!! Word’s couldn’t express what I was thinking then.

Well at noon I was still there waiting. At 2:00 I was still there waiting. All day I was waiting in a hospital run by Nuns. It was very strict back then and the nurses were cold and unfriendly. Finally at 6:00 pm the nurse came in and yelled at me for not pushing hard enough. I lost it and screamed back and said I was pushing with all my guts why don’t you try it!!!! She decided she had better call the doctor before he went on his dinner break.

The doctor decided to come and take a look. Oh, that’s the problem he said. The baby is face the wrong direction. That’s when I really got mad.

They had left me in hard labor pushing for twelve hours not knowing the position of the baby.

THe doctor said, Well it’s going to take at least another hour for to turn on his own or we can turn him for you and get it over now.

I told him just get it over with I am exhausted.

Now keep in mind my own doctor had never explained any options of delivery because I had told him I want to go natural with as minimal as I could.

Suddenly I heard the doctor say Saddle Block. I didn’t know what it was but I knew it wasn’t a good thing.

Then I had to sit up and have this shot in my spine. I could barely sit up. After having the shot he turned the baby and within a half hour the baby was there. Then they told me the great news. No pillow for twenty – four hours.

Oh great I’m not a person to lay flat.

But at least now I had my baby boy. It took the doctor five minutes to determine if he had hair because he was so blonde and covered in peach fuzz.

Now we were a family of three.

Everyone visited that day and wore me out.

The nurse made a mistake of giving me a pillow to soon and the next morning I got the dry heaves.

Do you have any idea what that feels like after delivering a six pound baby boy.

I thought I was going to tear from one end to the next but I didn’t.

I survived that too.

This first baby was a good baby. He ate and slept all the time. However, as he got older he became my challenge child. Very active, impulsive, and always into things.

He is my creative musician. He goes against the flow. Funny how live changes as you get older.

The one lesson I learned is not to count on one doctor. Make sure you have a backup. I hated not knowing the doctor that delivered him. Back then the hospitals were cooled and isolated.

I am so glad to see the progress they have made.

I hope that young mothers will ask many questions and be prepared for the unknown.

I wasn’t.

TOday is the day that changed my life forever because once a mother you will always be a mother. No matter what age your children are you will always worry, want to protect them from pain, and be there for them. You will have to learn the hard lesson of when to pull back and let them go their own direction.

Babies don’t come with directions. But a mother comes with instincts, love, and nurture. A mother must be responsible, kind, and use common sense.

I celebrate this day with my son for the times of laughter and the times of tears. We have been through a lot over the years but the one thing that will never change is my love for him.

If I could have but one birthday wish for him it would be to fill his heart will the love of his life, and let his life be complete by those people that he loves and the music he enjoys.

Shawn is a Thursday’s child.

Shawn “God’s Love”

Today the son is shining down on him.


Today will be a calm day as we celebrated with his brother on Sunday. Now he can choose to do what he wants to do today.

Happy Birthday my son. I love you


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