January 26th

Oh, I am so sick of rain!!!! You would think I had moved to Seattle.   All it does is rain here. Yesterday a glimmer of sun between rain spurts. Today it’s grey and the wind is trying to pick up.

Sorry I got lazy a couple of days. It must have been that hard child Labor I did 38 years ago . LOL

I’ve been busy working on my book trailer for “Growing Up in the Rockies” and I am busy getting ready to publish my third book. It’s a book of Horse Poetry.

Not quite where I want it to be yet but I’m getting there.

In the mean time the cats aren’t sleeping. Everyone is off schedule and I’m over tired. Got sick last night from being tired but still couldn’t sleep, darn restless legs.

I haven’t seen Maggie Magpie for a while now, she must be staying close to home with all the rain. Sammy squirrel hasn’t been around either. Must be enjoying all the nuts he collected before the weather socked in.

Baby and Skeeter are getting bored because there’s nothing to watch out the window just the rain. They missing no sun bathing. When Skeeter acts up I turn on my desk lamp and he comes and goes to bed on the desk where he can sleep under the warmth of the lamp.

Yes I know the cats are spoiled as my sons keep telling me. However, I look at as understanding the needs of my cats. After all they have feelings to and cats stress out real easy. IF I can distress them it’s better for me.

Australia Day is January 26th for our Aussie Friends

January 26 as a day of celebration and since 1994 all states of Australia have adopted that date as a day of vacation.

Australia Day is represented by rituals and celebrations throughout the country and on this occasion are very prestigious national awards: “Order of Australia” and “Australian of the Year”.

The Australia Day Achievement Medallion is an award reserved for civil authorities, this well-deserved recognition for the works and virtues demonstrated. The Australian Air Force air shows and popular shows of fireworks will celebrate this day.

However, most of the Australian Aborigines call Australia Day “Invasion Day”, in relation to the extermination of their ancestors, land confiscations and destruction of their culture. For several years, many Aboriginal people celebrated the festival as “Survival Day”, thanking the fact that their nationality did not become among those extinct

Today is National Peanut Brittle Day!

So what is peanut brittle? It’s a really hard but brittle, hence the name, sugary treat with peanuts embedded inside it. It usually comes in flat, broken pieces and has a nice golden brown color to it.

They mix sugar and water together and then boil it until it reaches what they call the “hard crack stage”, which happens at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ve ever had hard toffee then you know what the hard crack stage is all about! It’s the point where the sugar caramelizes in a particular way so that it’s nice and hard when it cools down.

Then they add in peanuts and other ingredients, mix it together and then pour it out onto a flat surface to cool. As it cools it becomes a solid sheet of peanut brittle-y goodness that is then broken up into bite-sized pieces. You can sometimes find people breaking it up with little mallets.

Pecans and almonds are sometimes added to their own brittle but today is peanut brittle’s day so toss those other nuts aside!


Introduce your kids to Peanut brittle!

Go to the store, buy some.

Have a make Peanut Brittle Day – recipes are online.

Share Peanut Brittle at work with your co-workers.

Just relax this evening after dinner with a special treat of your favorite Peanut Brittle.

But don’t forget it’s also:

National Pistachio Day:

Pistachios were considered an exclusively royal food by Queen of Sheba. Early explorers and traders snacked on pistachios because they are nutritious and have a long storage life . The green nut is native to the Middle East and there’s evidence suggesting humans have been eating them since 7,000 B.C. The first pistachio trees planted in California and the southern U.S. states did not thrive, but pistachio plants from Iran planted by William E. White house did, according to “The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink.”

For each 1 ounce serving (about 49 nuts), pistachios have 6 grams of protein just like almonds. Similar to cashews, they have the lowest number of fat grams at 13. The only nuts with fewer grams of saturated fat are almonds and hazelnuts. Enjoy pistachios in a savory dish like zucchini, garlic, pistachio and pasta or pistachio-crusted tofu salad with glazed turnips. If you can’t get some open, use this Pistachio trick. Wedge the edge of an opened pistachio shell into one that is barely open to free the pistachio.

You can find Pistachio recipes online.

However a favorite of mine is to take pistachio pudding mix in cool whip and add miniature marshmallows and pineapple.  It makes for either a good salad or a desert. It satisfies the appetites of adults and children alike and takes five minutes to make.

Whatever you do enjoy nuts today.

Last but not least:
National Spouse Day:

Some say this is a day for making your spouse feel special some say it is national Spouse Friend Day. So maybe you want to let her spouse have a friend over for dinner. There are many activities that you can plan together.

THere are movies, bowling, dancing, game night, go to dinner, and many more. Whatever you decided to do  find a way to let your spouse know they are important to you.

So for today I will end with be kind to your spouse. Bon Apetit’ and have fun

Until next time 🙂


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