Ground Hog Day! February 2nd

National Ground hog day!

“Using a chirp and a click and a wink of an eye,” Johnston said, Punxsutawney Phil had just signaled to the Inner Circle that he’d seen his shadow—meaning, according to legend, six more weeks of winter.

Heavenly Hash Day!


How to make it

  • Drain fruit.
  • Beat cream cheese. Mix with Cool Whip until smooth.

Sounds like a fun recipe for a indoor day activity.

Now that Our groundhog has made his appearance we can continue planning six more weeks of indoor activities.


No matter what you do to day enjoy living. Here it is overcast, damp with a chill in the air. I am ready for sunshine but since there isn’t any I guess I will have to be little Miss Sunshine. 🙂

I love February. It’s one of my favorite winter months.

I love it because of Valentine’s Day.

I love it because of my Father’s Birthday.

I love it because it’s short.

I love it because it tells me springs right around the corner.

I love it because it always goes fast.  First you have ground hogs day, then you have Abraham Lincolns Birthday, George Washington’s Birthday, President’s day and my father was born on February 29th to end leap year.

We use to tease him a lot about only having a birthday every four years but we always celebrated it anyway.

Then of course you have so many other things to celebrate in February. It’s black history month and of course if you check yesterdays blog you will see this months celebrations.

February keeps you busy. It’s also store sales, inventory, tax preparation, and time to think about spring cleaning already.

 IF you are planning a summer vacation I hope you have already started your plans as the months will go by rapidly. Make the best of your day and pass a smile forward today. Phil didn’t give the news everyone wanted to hear. Someone may need your smile.

So until next time 🙂 🙂 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Stumbled on this just now. The recipe brought back fun memories of my early marriage when I made this “Hash.” Thanks for posting!

    • You are very welcome. I’m glad it brought back fun memories. I am learning many new things as I expand on blogging. Somethings are new to me but sound marvelous. I had heard of Heavenly Hash before. But in my mind Hash it meat and potatoes. I was equally thrilled to find that it could be an enjoyable treat. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate all feedback.

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