February 21st

Sorry that I missed today. I was down sick. I will post the general happenings of the day and move onto current events.

National Day

National Sticky Bun Day

Many recipes can be found online or in your favorite cookbook for this wonderful treat.

It is also:

National Pancake Day

If you stop at IHOOP

They will give you a free stack of pancakes.

So it sounds like this is a day to celebrate Food any time of the day.  Nothing like Pancakes at any meal and Sticky Buns make not only a wonderful breakfast but are good for tea time, snack time, or any time you want a delight.

So I hope you enjoyed those yesterday if not it isn’t too late. You can still do them today but sorry no free stack of pancakes.


For those of you following Black History Month:

1965 U.S.A. Malcolm X Assassinated

21st February, 1965 : African American leader Malcolm X was assassinated while delivering a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City.


Remember that you can always go online and type in the days events and get a history of events for many years. I don’t list them all but they are good if you like trivia pursuit.

I am going to be brief today as I want to catch up.

So these are the highlights for February 21st. There maybe more but these are the ones that caught my eye so until next time 🙂


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