February 23rd

National/International Dog Biscuit Day

National Chili Day


Welcome everyone. Well I managed to forget Ash Wednesday yesterday in my post. I guess that’s what happens between pain and wind your mind can only think of so many things. Now that we are being the journey of Lent I hope that if you chose to give something up you will be able to stay with it. I use to give up chocolate or a specific food. I am now careful that I don’t give up something that I might need like Chocolate. Chocolate is known to help with stress and depression, as it release endorphins that make you feel better. I am not going to give up Chocolate.

I am however, going to give up some bad habits. I am going to work on better sleep habits, eating habits and exercise habits. I am going to take a holistic approach and try to get my mind, spirit and soul in balance with each other. I haven’t decided on everything that I am going to do but I know I need to do this.

Whether you participate in the Lent season or not this is a good time to decide on changing something in your life. We are preparing for spring and maybe you want to start getting rid of unnecessary clothes you don’t wear, or clean out the kids toys. Exercising and (diet) eating habits are always a good place to start with nice weather in the near future.

It’s also a good time to start saving for a special trip or vacation you want. However, after seeing the news on the TV last night I think we all had better do more walking and safe the gas for only those special trips that we really need.

Maybe a walk to the store would do us all some good, or how about a bike ride. I know I want be going far at the price of gas.

It would be nice to see some hope in the future of our economy especially for those of us on fixed incomes.

We are living in a state where the economy is always running behind everyone else. They may say it’s better but we are at an all time high for homeless, and people out of work.  I hope this spring will be brighter for everyone.

Well today it is much colder and the snow is headed our way. The sky is blue and the wind is still blowing but not as strong as yesterday. The cats wore themselves out and slept all night and are napping now. I guess we are going to get back to normal.

Well let’s take a look at what’s in the National Days!


National/International Dog Biscuit Day

To read about this wonderful day for your dog and to find recipes on dog biscuits I am posting a link to an extremely good article.



We all know that dog is man’s best friend. How often do you feed your best friend treats. I know that I am guilty of it. Growing up we had dogs not cats. We always kept milk bones for the dogs. My father use to like to play a game with the biscuits. He would hide one in his pockets and when the dog found where it was he gave it to them.  He would always change the hiding spot but it never took but a few seconds for the dogs to search out their treats.  We also used the milk bones as a way of cleaning their teeth. They didn’t have all the fancy dental sprays for dogs that you see know. Milk bones helped with bad dog breathe and dental care. The dogs loved them and when the dogs are happy so are their owners.

So for me it will be Cat treat day since I don’t have a dog. My son is upset with me because I have spoiled the cats with treats. However, I found that a treat at dinner time when I ate meant they ignored me while eating. Also a treat at bedtime and they settle right down. Some times that little extra special attention is worth how it simplifies our lives.

Remember how bored you get of the same food everyday. Well animals do to so Treat Your Dog today and if you don’t have a dog treat any animal today.


National Chili Day

Today is National Chili Day! Whether you prefer it Texas-style, Mexican-style, or vegetarian, chili served with a side of cornbread is a fabulous comfort food for the winter season.Despite popular belief, chili does not come from Mexico. The recipe has certainly been influenced by Mexican culture, but it also incorporates elements from Native American and Spanish culinary traditions. Many historians believe chili originated in Texas where all three of these cultures intersected.According to legend, Spanish priests called the first chili “the soup of the Devil” because they believed that chili peppers were an aphrodisiac. To celebrate National Chili Day, indulge in a delicious bowl of this historical spicy stew!
You will find that many organizations have Chili cook offs this time of year. It’s a great way to have fun and learn about each other’s recipes.
When I think of Chili and Mexico I always have to laugh at one of my many learning lessons. When I was married to my last husband who was from Mexico his English was poor and so was my Spanish. He wanted lunch and I asked him if he wanted Chili. He said, “Yes!” I opened a can of Chili and proceeded to heat and serve it like normal with crackers. He screamed “What is?” I said , “Chili.” He replied,” NO!” It’s soup not Chili.” I realized then he was thinking of Mexican Chili – salsa. He wouldn’t eat it. I don’t remember what he ate that day but I didn’t have anymore canned Chili in the house after that until he left.
It is an example of how we take for granted what we learn growing up in our own culture and that things might not be the same for other cultures. Sometimes we need to take time to explain what we are talking about.
When my children were little I got tired of my oldest boy asking “What you doing mom?” He was school age and he could see what I was doing but it was every few seconds. One night I had a pot on the stove fixing dinner and he once again said,” What ya doin mom?” Having already heard that a dozen times I looked at him and replied, “I’m cooking dirty socks.” He replied,”No your not!.” I said, “Okay, I’m not. ” That night we ate Chili for dinner.
It became a joke of the family to always ask for Dirty Socks when you wanted Chili.
I really didn’t think to much of it until one day when I was shopping in Albertson’s with the boys. The store was pretty empty and I was walking ahead of the boys when I heard my oldest son yell out “Hey mom! Can we buy some dirty socks for dinner?” I turned around to see him holding a can of Chili. Next to him was a little old lady with a look of horror on her face. I quickly said, Yes, we can buy Chili for dinner. Put the can in my cart and left quickly.
That was the last time I called Chili dirty socks.
So If you like homemade Chili or canned Chili here’s a good food for the day. It’s also high in protein and goes a long way. It is an economical food to eat and whether you like it with cornbread, or crackers or just plain it’s enjoyable.
Well that’s all for today folks so until next time enjoy 🙂

2 Responses

  1. I am celebrating Lent by signing up for the Biggest Loser Challenge at the Gym I go to, so that means diet time.
    I am celebrating International Dog Buscuit day too by eating one…Pteweee…. guess what, I found it rather dry, I don’t know why my dog likes them.

  2. High Maggie good for you. I can’t do the Gym. One my back won’t tolerate it nor will my blood pressure. I celebrated Dog Biscuits as a kid lol you know kids have to try everything. Actually they weren’t to bad sometimes I think animal food is healthier than our junk food LOL.
    Well it’s time to get busy on today’s activities as I am already behind. Thanks for stopping by. Come again.

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