March 4th

Good morning everyone. Today is the calm after the storms. The sky is blue. The snow is gone. The air is calm and it is warming up. It looks like a beautiful day is in store. I hope all of you find your day the same.


National Days:

Today is Hug a G.I. Day. I am a firm believer in recognizing our military personal. I copied the information from the following site as I could not improve on it. Please check it out.

I will be publishing a book of poetry about our military. I’m having difficulty coming up with the right name for the book. I am taking suggestions at this time.

About Hug a G.I. Day

Officially celebrated on March 4, Hug a G.I. Day is designed to show support for the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. On this day, citizens are encouraged to provide a donation to military organizations, or send a gift to a deployed troop.

Remember those who have and are returning home as they need the continued support while they readjust to entering back into their normal daily life schedules. Help support them with jobs, family, faith, and loving support. They still have many needs coming home. Let them feel the Pride we have for them and our Country.

Share some time with them. Listen to them, talk with them. Help them and their families.



When I think of Hugging a G. I there are some very important people I remember.

My father was a Vet from World War II I wish I could hug him. But I will blow my hugs and kisses to the sky and watch them drift way up high for I know that he is looking down and will fall the love between us found.

My cousins Jay and Mark were Vets from the Vietnam war and if I could hug them I would but they have gone to visit dad and float among family that I once had. I’ll share my hugs and kisses with them too. I’ll triple how many that I blew and threw.For I know they’re looking down remembering the times when as children we’d clown.

My brother-in-law Jack was a Vet from the Vietnam war and he’s long distance so I ‘ll tell my sister to hug him for sure. I’ll let him know I think of him and she can be the one to share hugs and kisses with him.

My friend Marvin was a Vet in Germany died underneath a broken utility. I send my hugs and kisses to him for he was special and I will always remember him. The times we had together were grand and I wish more time we’d had. I hope he’s found his way to be with my heavenly family. For I will rise more hugs and kisses high and watch them rise and drift on by.

My friend Webster just returned home in May and I’m glad he’s safe and here to stay. But I’ll send my hugs to him and hope a smile for him it will bring. I will send it to his cousin sharing this day in every way. She will wrap her arms around and hug him tightly now he’s safe and sound.

There’s many more too many names to mention but for me I share my hugs and kisses. When I see a G. I. walking down the street I’ll shake their hand and say I’m glad to meet. These are the people who keep us safe and they mean so much to us.

Please take the time today as you go and thank each and all of them you know.

On Holy Experiment Day, take a leap of faith and pray for something that matters to you. You have nothing to lose, really, and you might just find faith or a miracle!

Remember spring is about to appear and it is a chance for rebirth for everyone and everything. Let opportunity reach out to you and don’t be afraid to reach back and move forward in your life. Now is a time for change. Let faith guide you on your new journey of life.

Don’t take a mallet to your cake just because today is Pound Cake Day. A pound cake is so named because recipes call for a pound each of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. So basic, so delicious, so ready to take on an accompaniment of sliced strawberries, kiwi, or pineapple. Yum.

There are many recipes that can be found online if you feel in the mood to make a Pound Cake. Remember to share with a friend, family member, or G.I.


What a day for one day Hugs, Faith , Cake. Can’t ask for more than that so until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful post! I agree, veterans need all the hugs and help they can get.

    Good luck with your poetry book. When will it come out?

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