March 5th

Another beautiful day however, I fear the rain and snow are headed our way so let’s enjoy the day while we can.

National Days

By Neal J Leitereg on 2011-03-05

In anticipation for the start of the third season of the Disney Channel animated series Phineas & Ferb, Disney has declared March 5, 2011 to be National Platypus Day.


National Multi-Personality Day

Multiple Personality Disorder
In most cases, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) are caused by damaged memory filters which allow past life personalities to control the present body-mind, or so it is thought.

Memory filters in the mind are designed to help individual access their past life skills and talents without connecting with the “past life personalities” who earned them. However, in the case of multiple personalities, what normally happens is, when an individual is in crisis, they access the “unused” part of their brain; (where all their past life data is stored) to help them overcome it. Often the past life personality was an integral part of exercise of the talent or skill, which is why the mind needs to filter out the “personality” from the “learned skill or talent”. When the crisis is averted, the pathway to that part of their brain is automatically shut off by the mind’s past life filters.

In Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), the crises are either so severe or so chronic and long lasting that past life filters will no longer function properly. The mind then has difficulty distinguishing between the current and all prior personalities. In a sense, the prior personalities come back to life and fight for the attention of the current body-mind. In MPD, a host of prior personalities jockey for position at the forefront of the person’s awareness and end up “taking turns”.

For people with Multiple Personality Disorder it requires in-depth therapy by a trained person. Some people maybe able to over time be able to put their pieces of life back together again into a functioning way of life why others may never be able to do so.

However, this is a problem that should be left to professionals. Family,friends, and well-wishers are not capable of dealing with the extensive needs of the individual with multiple personalities.

Today would not be a good day for clowning around acting like someone who you were not.


March 5, 2012 is

National Cheese Doodle Day

It’s National Cheese Doodle Day! Cheese doodles are a snack food made with cornmeal that has been puffed, baked, and coated with cheddar cheese. Morrie Yohai invented the cheese doodle in the 1940s. After serving as a Marine in World War II, he returned to his home in the Bronx and took over the family business—a snack food company called Old London Foods.During the 1960s, Wise Foods, Inc. acquired the company and cheese doodles became part of the potato chip division. Today, cheese doodles are one of Wise’s strongest brands. The company produces over 15 million pounds of cheese doodles each year. That’s enough to fill 36 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

To celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day, pick up a bag of cheese doodles to share with friends!




So whether you are watching Disney and the Platypus or questioning your personality or someone else’s you can enjoy the day with your favorite Cheese treat. Mine is Cheese Puff’s. Even my cat likes to lick the cheese off of a left over cheese puff but be careful not intended for animal treats. Once they get started they won’t quit.

Whatever you find in your world today enjoy the day. I hope that the sun is shining down on everyone and that they can enjoy a peaceful beautiful day. I know I will.

So until next time 🙂


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